Eye Care

Your dog may navigate the world using relying on their nose and ears, but their eyes also play a vitally important role. Dogs struggle to keep their own eyes clean so it is important to incorporate a sensible eye care routine into your dogs overall care. Keep them healthy by inspecting them regularly and cleaning them properly.

Not sure how to clean the eye area, we have put together an extensive guide on how to administer eye drops for dogs which you may find helpful.

In the summer months, dogs duffer from allergies, just like humans, this can lead to itching, scratching and squinting. They are also prone to getting scratches around the eye area where debris and bacteria can enter, causing soreness and even infection.

Many dog breeds can sometimes be prone to a condition called Epiphora. This condition is evident where excessive tear production occurs or the tear drainage of the eye is constricted. This causes a dark discharge known as "tear stains", which can be removed with a specially formulated solution.

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