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Other ear cleaning solutions I have used smell quite strong / chemically so straight away Frank is not impressed by them. This solution did not smell like a chemical at all, it did not leave an oily residue on Franks coat around his ears, it worked very well in cleaning 'and' loosening the 'gunk'. Frank has a lot of allergies and his skin and ears are the first places to show any issues his ears virtually weep. This is great stuff and that fact he does not run off when I get the bottle out is a bonus too!

very impressed

Delivery was speedy and communication was good. I have a white A.bull dog that has allergies to lots of things. First time this shampoo has been used and I am impressed. He smells clean.. really clean! but not perfumed, he has hardly gone pink at all around his chops and he normally looks red for days after a hair wash. There has been no scratching at all and his coat feels amazing! I am going to buy more from the range now that I have done a tester on the products. Thank you PROPOOCH Frank is a happy dog!

Happy Cockerpoo...

Love quick free delivery. Love thick lathery richness. Removed dry skin flakes and left coat soft and bouncy. So nice to have a shampoo that you can use with confidence.

Fresh minty smell

Lovely mild minty smell. My dog is fine with it being squirted into his month and although his breath is still a bit smelly it is slightly better. Hopefully the longer I use it the better his breath will become!

Anti Itch Shampoo

Lovely, no nasties, generously sized and leaves coat looking healthy.

Great shampoo

Excellent shampoo with wondrfull scent.

German Shepherd

I've had German Shepherds for 30yrs. and this is the first time I've had any problems with their ears. So I was wary of treating them with anything other than from a vet. I was therefore pleasantly surprised with the outcome, having only used three applications my dog has stopped scratching her ear and shaking her head.
I am completely satisfied, and would recomend this treatment. thanks.


Fabulous cotton pads

Having spaniels there eyes & ears need cleaned lots. These cotton pads are so thick & soft, I don’t use anything else to wipe my spaniels eyes. Yet another fantastic product from Pro Pooch


Only been using it about a week now. Only time will tell.


I have been using it everyday on my Maltese×Shitzu. She is pure white and has very bad staining around her eyes. I see the Pro Pooch working a bit helping clean up the gunk and staining. Maybe it's too early to say yet,but will continue using it to see if helps overtime.

Alfie's "Appy"

Eye drops cleared up his eyes, and tear stain remover doing its job and he does not mind it a bit!

Ear cleanet

Brill product

From Scratch

We are so pleased with the results,Max has really settled down ,from the continual scratching,he has had two shampoos and we believe "it"has done the trick.thankmyou so very much.
Will definitely recommend ,and thank you once again Mr and Mrs F Parton

excellent product better than the vets

We have a new puppy with smelly ears .The vet said there was no infection and gave us a bottle of ear cleaner .After a week there was little improvement , so we brought the Pro pooch ear cleaner and wow in just a couple of days the ears have improved so much. No more smell and the long cotton buds are a godsend. The puppy was also bathed in the Pro pooch shampoo which made him clean and fresh. So happy dog and happy owners

Tear stain remover

Excellent product that seems to be working well after only a few days, and incredibly fast delivery , would definetly order it again.

Eye Drops

Great value for money compared to vets. Helped reduce my Greyhounds itchy eyes but not the redness. Lucy very helpful.

Great Product

Great product, used on gooy eye which had been bad for a couple of weeks. Used on cocker spaniel whonhad most likely got something stuck in his eye. After a few goes with the kit it seemeed to flush more goo on on the first few attempts untill a few days later when everything was clear and back to normal. The product was easily applied and was even possibly soothing as he took to it straight away.

Happy dog

Tried the shampoo for the first time a couple of weeks ago and again five days ago, the results have been great. She has reduced the scratching by 90%, nothing else has worked this well, from very expensive allergy injections to vets prescription only shampoos. Very pleased and will keep on using.

WOW Very Impressed..

Arrived very quickly (which is always a bonus). Partner bought it back to France where I am currently with our 2 dogs. Benji (my Golden Retriever) is a big 10 year old baby & hates the vets & the car that takes him there. Has had a runny, slightly bloodshot & itchy eye for about 2 weeks Have been using for 4 days and can already notice the difference. Will keep using as his eye is still a little runny but he no longers tries to rub it. Great product, very happy. Thankyou ;o)


Used only once on my jug pup but cleaned then a treat. He's got quite dirty ears well just the one and nothing else I've used has got it clean

Brilliant Product

We bought this shampoo because we noticed how much our two small dogs (Bishon Frisée/Shih Tzu crosses) were scratching. The shampoo was really nice to use and worked up a good lather even when well-diluted. Once dried the dogs coats felt much softer than with other products and without a ‘chemical smell’ and the coats seemed to have stayed much whiter than before . And, yes, there has been much less scratching than previously. We’re very happy with this shampoo and will certainly be ordering more.

Brilliant product , very happy!

I have tried several product for cleaning my dogs ears and have been dissapointed. I was sceptical trying yet another one but i am happy i purchased this one. It is a very good product with natural ingreedients and my dogs are so much happier . I read all the reviews before ordering & i think some people are just picky, they don't really give a fair review. The product comes with some cleaning pads and ear buds as well .One of my dogs has alergies and has had some serious side effect after using a well known dog ear cleaning solution and she is so much better after using this product she is like a new dog, no more smelly itchy ears and is happy to have her ears cleaned now....thank you for making this product i will recomend you to all my friends that have dogs. I will carry on buying this product, quick delivery, nice and safe minimal packaging.



Ear cleaner

Thanks for the product well recommended instant relief from the first application got myself one happy frenchie ☺☺☺

Ear cleaner

Really impressed with the product arrived today applied it to my 2 year old frenchie and instant results not scratched once thanks propooch will recommend to all ☺☺☺

Eye drops

Findley with his huge bottle of eye drops! Easy to use, gentle formula. I have spent over £1000 at vets on allergy tests and anti allergy vaccinations and spent a small fortune on hypoallergenic food both of which havnt made the slightest bit of difference, he was still scratching his eyes and nose so much they were bleeding. Since using the eye wash for only a couple of weeks now the itching has subsided considerably. So glad I purchased it, highly recommend. Love the stylish packaging too!

AMAZING! Dog breath no more!

My dog has been suffering with seriously bad dog breath, to the point where I feel like my whole house smells of it! He has a bit of build up on his teeth too, probably not helping with the breath. He is a pretty nervous dog, and wont' let me anywhere near him with a toothbrush, so I did my usual and googled for another option. Found this oral care foam and haven't looked back. The bad breath has gone and the brown marks on his teeth are greatly improved. Amazing value for money, thanks!

Clear eyes

I bought this for my 9 yr old cocker spaniel who keeps getting runny eyes. Due mainly to her love of rummaging in cut field grass. The drops have worked really well clearing up her runny eyes. Easy to apply. She could the size of the bottle daunting but has now got used to it. Would recommend

Eye drops

Excellent product great size value for money highly recommend my bully eye less inflamed very quick to ease. Very pleased


Lovely shampoo, had been looking for a good anti-itch shampoo for my two dogs when this one popped up on my Facebook so decided to give it a try, very impressed with it, left the dogs coat lovely and soft and as it's not full of nasty ingredients it didn't irritate their skin, would recommend.

Really pleased

My dog was suffering from irritated eyes and they were gooey and crusty in the morning in particular. Rather than get stung from my vet like last time ( 25 quid for the drops) I thought I would give these drops a go... and they have done the job!!! Amazing results and so glad I gave them a go rather than waste my money!
Delivery was super fast! And the packaging is very good, high quality product!

Anti Chew Spray
Pro pooch

Seems to work happy with this product


I had tried a lot of products to eliminate tear stains in my maltese dog, she has hormonal tear stains as she had a litter of puppies and a c section so they were very hard to get rid of! And after applying this only once I noticed a difference! I have been using it for around a week now and there is definitely a difference! She looks so much better and I'm sure after another week or 2 using this product she will be back to pure white!!

Incredible product!

My 3yr old Frenchie has been getting progressively scaly ears and quite a bit of dark wax. A weekly clean with ear wipes (which he hates) or plain boiled (but cooled) water would take forever. This product is literally like magic! I don't put a lot in as I'm just starting him to get used to the feeling of the liquid moving down into his ear but a small amount and gentle rub then he does the rest by shaking his head. A quick wipe with the pads and they're spotless. As his ears stand up you can see into them and now they're beautiful again. A great value bottle too as it's so big. I just hope I can get some more of the pads as they're perfect for removing all the dirt and excess cleaner. I can't recommend this product enough. So quick and easy to use with great results!

Pro pooch

I am very happy with your product it works very well

Excellent grass cleaner

Firstly, I am new to the world of artificial grass! So this is all new to me. Out with the lawnmover and in with this cleaner! Had it layed this summer, and my little Westie decided (of course) it would be a great place to do her business. My grandaughter always plays out in the garden so I was a little worried about the cleanliness of the area and slight smell developing. So I looked online and found this brilliant product. It is in a 1 litre bottle so it is easy to store, and you dilute it with water so a little goes a very long way. I already had a watering can so I didn't need to buy anything else to get going. You just dilute it according to the instructions and then get going, it was much quicker and easier than I thought. I had a quick question to ask about rinsing it, and I emailed the company and they got back straight away. I only used it once and the smell of urine and faeces was gone. A really great product!

Anti itch shampoo-AMAZING!

My puppy was constantly itching and chewing his paws but after only one wash with this shampoo he has barely scratched once! He also smelled really bad and seeing as this shampoo has no scent he now smells amazing, so happy!

Best Value

This is undoubtedly one of the best value products on the market. I could not believe the size of the bottle. I have been purchasing eye drops for my westie that come in thimble sized containers, that run out after one use. This bottle will last a heck of a lot longer, which is a good job as I am in constant need as we live right next to a rather muddy lake which he loves to swim in reguarly.

Super happy

Great eye, drops real help ours dog with he's eye problems

Re shanpoo

Our dogs stopped itching I used every 2 days now only if they go in a pond dipping we knew they had not got flies and treated regular we assume it's after a swimming in ponds! Something gets onto skin and rubs there back on furniture and now she don't. There coats are lovely and they both happy thanks

Anti Chew Spray
Chew spray

Have just used on our back door to stop our new puppy bite in so far so good


Loved the shampoo. Our poor dog developed really dry skin and we couldn't find anything that made a difference- until we came across your product. After just the first wash he is so much better. Thank you so much.

Anti itch shampoo

We rescued wee Lucas and he was a stinker when we got him. Tried bathing him with normal doggy shampoo and it made him scratch himself. Bought your Anti Itch Shampoo and he's stopped scratching himself and smells a lot less. Each bath and grooming session seems him get a smarter shinier coat and sweeter smelling. I would recommend this. I won't be using anything else on him.

Great item

Our dog had an ear infection. With the aid of this product the infection had cleared up

Ear cleaner

We have a West highland white terrier who at 11 years old is knocking on a little . In the last couple of years he has suffered from several bad ear infections , that have been very unpleasant for him . We saw this product advertised and although we have only used it a few times we have noticed an improvement . As I say it is early days but the initial signs are encouraging.


Very satisfied with itchy dog shampoo easy to apply dog enjoyed it very good result good value for money

Eye drops are perfect

Our poor pug suffers dry eye which is cmon in pugs causing long term Pk this Is helping massivly combat this great product and service

Eye drops

Very pleased with product.Also the service was excellent.Would recommend company and productl


Whilst my dog was not troubled by the product and actually seemed to like it ( possibly found it soothing) it has not cleared his conjunctivitis

Lovely eye drops

I love these eye drops, I use them everyday now to keep Sofie's eyes clean. They are very gentle and will be purchasing another bottle soon