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From Dog Ear Cleaner To Dog Eye Drops, Our Aim At Pro Pooch Is To Provide The Finest Products For Your Pet

If you don't like the idea of filling your body with synthetic products and chemicals, chances are your pet won't either. We produce premium products like Natural Dog Ear Wash, Natural Tear Stain Remover and a range of Natural Anti Itch Dog Shampoos, all made from a range of naturally derived ingredients.

We focus all our efforts on utilising plant derived ingredients that have been carefully extracted to preserve quality and purity. Each product is formulated to ensure effectiveness and respect for your pet.

Our canine pet supplements range is growing quickly, our newest product JointLab includes glucosamine and chondroitin for dogs which will assist with joint health.

Our household items, like our dog repellent spray and stain and odour remover have been formulated for you the pet owner, to be ultra effective, while offering amazing value for money