Best Dog Ear Cleaner Tactics: Interview With Professional Dog Groomer

Cleaning your dog’s ears may sound like a simple enough job, but that very much depends upon your dog’s personality. Dog’s ears are sensitive and so, naturally, they are sensitive about their ears! Whilst many dogs love an ear rub, not many like having things put into their ears and getting them to keep still whilst you clean their ears can be something of a challenge. This is especially true for big, strong dogs.

We spoke to Dianna May, our consultant professional dog grooming expert, who has over 25 years of experience and has cleaned the ears of hundreds of different dogs from Dachshunds to Great Danes, all with differing temperaments. Here’s what she had to say about the best dog ear cleaner tips and tactics:

Pro Pooch: Dianna, firstly, why is it so important to clean dog’s ears?

Dianna: It’s important to keep your dog’s ears clean to prevent the chance of an ear infection developing or of excess wax building up in the ear. Most dogs either get a daily run in the park, a walk along a dusty street or spend their day charging around the garden. As you know, dogs love to play and roll around on the ground which means that they are quite likely to get grit or other bits and pieces in their ears. Every dog owner should be aware that their dog’s ears will need cleaning periodically, even if they then employ a groomer who knows all the best dog ear cleaner tricks.

Pro Pooch: How often should I clean my dog’s ears?

You should inspect your dog’s ears every few days as this will only take a moment of your time, but as for cleaning a dog’s ears, well, this depends upon your dog’s age, breed and general activity. I would personally recommend that you clean them every 3 to 4 weeks for a generally active, healthy dog and every 2 to 3 weeks for dogs who get to swim a lot. You should also receive advice from your vet when your dog goes for a health check-up. They will be able to tell you if the ears are excessively waxy and may need a high quality ear cleanser for dogs and more frequent cleaning.

Pro Pooch: What should a healthy dog ear canal look like?

Dianna: A healthy dog ear canal will have a light coating of ear wax but not great blobs of the stuff! If your dog does have an ear infection then there are all sorts of other signs which are difficult to miss. If your dog is constantly scratching or pawing at their ears, nodding their head or if you notice a nasty odour coming from either of your dog’s ears then you should take them to see the vet as soon as you can.

Pro Pooch: Do you have any tips about keeping your customers calm whilst cleaning their ears?

Dianna: Absolutely! This isn’t a job that you can rush as you need to be careful when using an ear cleanser for dogs. Play with your dog’s ears gently for a moment to get them feeling secure with you touching their ears. If they keep pulling away or seem at all distressed about this, then there may be an underlying problem in which case you should look for the signs I mentioned earlier, which may require a trip to the vet. Most dogs love an ear fondle but may need an additional distraction such as a small, healthy treat to keep them occupied during the session. All dogs are different and their owners know them best and can suggest what would make them keep their head still for a few minutes. Dealing with a dog calmly, gently, confidently and, most importantly, patiently; is most certainly the key to a hassle free dog ear wash.

Pro Pooch: What is your recommendation when suggesting the best dog ear cleaner ?

Personally, I only use organic and natural products for all of my grooming activities and have done for many years ever since they became available. I find that, not only do they do a better job than the cheap synthetic stuff, my customer’s dogs are healthier and happier. When I get a new customer who has either been trying to keep on top of the grooming themselves without much success, or they have been using another grooming company who don’t use a natural ear cleanser for dogs, I love seeing the transformation of their beloved pet over time. Even after all these years, it still amazes me how much more vitality a dog gains when their owner switches to using natural dog health products. I love using Pro Pooch natural dog ear cleaner because it’s gentle and it does a great job which makes it great value for money. I get so frustrated when I hear of people cutting costs by using a slightly cheaper synthetic product because I know they’ll end up spending twice as much due to the product not being as effective, so they have to use twice as much to do the same job. It’s a terribly false economy! Plus synthetic products are usually bad for the environment and some even use chemicals that have been proven to be a risk to your dog’s health.

Pro Pooch: Thank you very much, Dianna, for the advice. Will you come back soon and let us into your trade secrets of how you actually go about the dog ear cleaning process?

I will most certainly and thank you for the opportunity to spread the message about the importance of using good quality, natural ear cleanser for dogs. I’ll speak to you again very soon!


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