121 Amazing Dog Christmas Presents Your Pooch Will Love

121 Amazing Dog Christmas Presents Your Pooch Will Love

The holiday season is upon us and you're crossing people off your gift list one by one, but have you thought about what you're going to get your furry friend? Your dog is a cherished member of the family and he deserves to get a something special for Christmas just like everyone else.

We have scoured the web to find the best gifts and compiled them into one huge list, so you can give your pooch a Christmas to remember!

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Toys For Playtime

  1. Pure Cotton Rope Dog Toy

If you want a simple, traditional toy you and your dog can play with for months on end or even years, this rope toy from The Natural Pet Toy company is a great idea. The cotton is soft enough that it won't hurt your dog's sensitive gums but tough enough that it will last you a long time.

  1. Happy Pet Festive Snowman Ball Buddy

Looking for something a little bit more festive? Happy Pet produces a wide range of awesome toys and this year's Christmas offerings are particularly awesome. This snowman contains a solid ball in his stomach and a squeaky toy in his head.

  1. Nina Ottosson Casino Toy

The Nina Ottosson Casino Toy is a great way to have fun with your dog and challenge his physical and mental dexterity. You put some treats into the toy through a small slot on the bottom and they move through it, stopping under the bones—then it's up to your dog to figure out which bones are hiding their treats.

  1. Woodlands Friends Fox Thrower

This fox thrower is a fantastic toy for playing around the house. The loop of string on the bottom makes it easy to hold and throw without getting your hand completely soaked in dog slobber.

  1. ZogoFlex Bumi

Created by the EcoDog Company, the ZogoFlex Bumi is a tug toy that can also be thrown quite far in a game of fetch thanks to its unusual design. It is made of non-toxic material that is 100% recycled and dishwasher safe.

  1. Petface Octopus

It's tough, it's chewable, AND it's adorable. There are miniature squeakers in the head and each of the tentacles.

  1. Chuckit Kick Fetch Ball

This ball is about the size of a football and is made out of incredibly durable materials so you and your dog can enjoy it for a long time.

  1. JW Treat and Squeak

The JW Treat and Squeak may well be the ultimate toy. It rolls, it squeaks, and it even gives your dog treats as he plays.

  1. Bugs Plush Dog Toys

Colourful butterflies, bees, ladybugs, and snakes from P.L.A.Y. all make fantastic gifts for your favourite furry friend.

  1. Happy Pet Grubber Football

The unique shape of this ball is specially designed to clean teeth and massage your dog's gums. Oh, and it's incredibly durable.


  1. Treat Pods on a Rope

Another JW toy that combines your dog's love of play and their love of treats, this one presents a real challenge: dogs must move the pods along the rope in a specific way to get at the tastiness inside. It's a great mental challenge, especially for days when you can't get as much time outdoors.

  1. Chuckit Amphibious Bumper

Do you take your dog swimming frequently? The Chuckit Amphibious Bumper is made with a combination of memory foam and tooth-rugged nylon so it flies far and floats well.

  1. Roast Lamb Butter Braided Stick Rawhide

Designed to help your dog's teeth, this chew is ideal for medium to large sized dogs—most dogs will chew through this in about one night.

  1. Santa Whoopee Cushion

No, your dog isn't going to start pranking people, but he will love the extra-durable squeaky toy hiding inside this Santa's head.

  1. Scottish Antler Chews

These dog chews from the Natural Pet Toy Company come in three different sizes and are tough enough to last even the roughest dogs many months.

  1. Sharples N Grant Nibble N Squeak Hoot N' Toot Dog Toy

This soft but durable squeak toy is shaped like an adorable sleeping owl and makes a fantastic gift for dogs of all sizes.

  1. Happy Pet Christmas Classic Reindeer

It's slightly less durable than some of the other toys on this list but the Happy Pet Christmas Classic Reindeer is perfect for when your dog just wants something to snuggle.

  1. Kong Wubba Friends

Kong Wubba is one of the most popular toy lines for dogs in the entire world and now they've expanded to include Wubba Friends. These toys feature the Wubba squeaker ball dogs love as the head and floppy, faux fur tails which make them great for a variety of games.

  1. ChuckIt Indoor Roller

Featuring a specialized shape for easy grip and impressive bounce, this soft roller will hold its shape through many months of play without damaging even your most fragile furniture.

  1. Tuffy Turkey

Your dog can have turkey this Christmas too—and no, we're not talking about scraps you snuck him under the table. We're talking about this soft toy from Tuffy, who are known for producing some of the most durable soft toys on the market.

  1. Fluff & Tuff Sadie Bear

Sadie Bear has a squeak toy stitched into her belly and is another incredibly tough soft toy, designed for rough play with dogs of all sizes.

  1. Pet Love Softees Star Ball

Its vibrant colours and unusual shape ensure that you and your dog will have a great time playing with this toy.

  1. Buster Mat Activity Starter Set

This set comes with the Buster Activity Mat and three brain-bending activities they can try. It's a great way to give your dog a playful challenge.

  1. Hear Doggy Martian Green Large

If you hate the sound of your dog's squeak toys but want him to be able to enjoy them, this is the toy for you. The squeaky toy in this Martian's head makes sound at a frequency dogs can hear but humans can't.

  1. Zogoflex Toppl Large

The Zogoflex Toppl is another puzzle toy which holds treats and dispenses them as your dog plays with it. If your dog loves puzzles you can also get the small Toppl and connect the two to increase the challenge.

  1. House of Paws Christmas Penguin Jumbo Plush Toy

Perfect for medium to large sized dogs, this plush toy is both soft and durable.

  1. Antos Origins Roots Natural Dog Chews

These natural dog chews are perfect for dogs who prefer chewing sticks to bones.

  1. Animal Instincts Snow Mates -- Small

Snow Mates are fantastic plush friends for small to medium sized dogs and a squeaker sewn into each one also makes them excellent for fetch. There are five different Snow Mates including a penguin and a snow leopard.

  1. Green Interactive Feeder

Yet another awesome puzzle toy for dogs, the Green Interactive Feeder turns meal time into play time and gives your dog some much needed mental stimulation.

  1. Loopies Talking Dog Toys

These soft toys make realistic animal sounds based on the animals they look like. There are several options including a rooster and a cow.

  1. Woodland Knotties Moose

Made out of corduroy, the Woodland Knotties toy is soft yet tough.

  1. House of Paws Snowball Christmas Toy

A squeaker in the round stomach and a rope dangling from the end make it easy for you and your dog to play a range of games with this toy.

  1. USB Light Up Ball

This ball features a green LED light which can be charged with a USB port(cord included) and lasts a full 7 hours on a single charge.

  1. Good Boy Lob It Space Lobber

Ergonomically designed handles make this ball easy to throw far distances.

  1. Dog Discuit LED Flashlight Frisbee

A bright red LED light makes this Frisbee all but impossible to lose, making it the perfect companion for night time adventures in the park.

  1. WoolTwig Toy

This toy looks like a stick, so your dog will fall in love with it right away, but it's actually made of 100% wool, making it incredibly safe for your dog to play with.

  1. Festive Vinyl Bone Christmas Dog Toys

You can get these bones in red or purple and they have a squeaker inside so your dog is sure to love them.

  1. Happy Paws Rubber Champagne Chew Toy

Are you going to be enjoying some champagne this New Year's Eve? Now your dog can enjoy some too—or, at least, this toy that looks like it's full of champagne.

Clothing and Accessories

  1. Grey Nordic Dog Sweater

Love ugly Christmas sweaters? This one's a little prettier than most and plenty warm.

  1. Flower Power Dog Jumper

This cosy jumper from Chelsea Dogs is hand finished and comes in a variety of sizes to fit every dog breed.

  1. Dogs Dress Up Reindeer Jacket

In this jacket your dog will be the cutest reindeer anyone's ever seen.

  1. Luxury Fur Lined Tartan Harness

Your dog will love going for walks in this extremely comfortable and fashionable harness.

  1. Christmas Vest

Want to dress your dog up in something festive but worried they'll overheat in an actual Christmas sweater? This lightweight Christmas Vest is the perfect solution.

  1. House of Paws Christmas Elf Fancy Dress

This fancy Christmas outfit comes in three different sizes and will make your dog the perfect Christmas helper.

  1. Cookie Taster T-Shirt

Perfect for any dog with a fondness for his cookies, although you may have to remind the kids to keep the chocolate chips away.

  1. Personalized Dog Hoodie

Getting your dog one of these high quality hoodies with his name inscribed on the back is a great way to celebrate how much you love him and keep him warm through the winter.

  1. Danish Design 2 in 1 Khaki Dog Coat

Made with a weatherproof exterior and a Polar Fleece lining, the Danish Design 2 in 1 Khaki Dog Coat is an excellent gift for small to medium sized dogs.

  1. House of Paws Christmas Santa/Rudolph Fancy Dress

Another adorable and festive offering from House of Paws, this dress is also quite warm.

  1. MacPaws Packable Dog Rain Jacket

This rain jacket is easy to remove, fold and fit in just about any bag, and it will keep your dog from getting completely soaked even on the worst rainy days.

  1. Cosy Dosey Dog Onesie in Blue

Ideal for small to medium size dogs, this onesie is incredibly comfortable and warm enough to keep your dog comfy in even the worst winters.

  1. All Road Protective Dog Boots

Like to take your dog on long adventures through rough terrain? This will keep their paws safe from the worst of the elements.

  1. Trixie Safer Life Safety Neckerchief

If you like taking your dog out for night time walks this Neckerchief is a great way to ensure they'll always be safe on the road.

  1. Happy Paws Christmas Robin Sweater

Another delightfully festive offering from Happy Paws, this sweater will keep your best friend warm no matter the weather.

  1. Trixie Santa Coat

This coat is highly weatherproof, festive and comfy, ideal for small to medium sized dogs.

  1. I Have Obsessive Christmas Disorder Sweater

This sweater from Morgan's Dog Boutique is very warm and comes in a variety of sizes to fit all dog breeds.

  1. Been There Chewed That Bandana

With this bandana your dog will look like quite the fashionable little troublemaker.

  1. Camouflage Dog Bandana

Hand made in the UK, this bandana features a special collar so you can easily slip it on and off.

  1. Skull and Pink Bow Bandana

Your dog will be the cutest pirate that ever was in this bandana.

  1. Batman Dog Bandana

This Batman bandana is a fantastic Christmas present that your dog will love wearing all year round.

  1. LED Dog Collar Skull and Bones

Speaking of pirate fashion, this LED dog collar is both cute and practical, making it easy to spot your dog anywhere at any time, even in the dark.

  1. USB Charged LED Dog Collar

Designed to keep your dog safe on long night time walks, this collar has three different settings: a regular flash setting, a quick flash setting, and a steady light setting. The battery will last for 1.5 hours on the flash settings or 2 full hours on the steady light setting, giving you lots of time to enjoy the night with your furry friend.

  1. Midnight Star Dog Harness Vest

This lovely harness from Ditsy is easy to clean—it is machine washable if you use the cold setting—and extremely comfortable for your dog. You can also buy a matching lead from Ditsy.

  1. Knot-a-Collar

Made out of kernmantle climbing rope, this collar is extremely durable, simple to take on and off, and of course, attractive.

  1. Red Harris Tweed Dog Collar

Your dog will be the classiest pup around with this collar. You can also get it custom engraved with his name.

  1. Marwell Designer Dog Collar and Velvet Lead Set

Adorned with numerous adorable owls, the collar and lead are both velvet lined so it will be comfortable for your dog's neck and your hand.

  1. Lace Print Dickie Bow

Want your dog to be at the top of the fashion chain? This adorable bow is the perfect gift. It's also elasticated so you can easily put it on or remove it from your dog's collar at any time.


  1. Amethyst Crystal Jewells Leather Dog Collar by Puchi

This leather dog collar features a jewelled buckle and a gorgeous amethyst colour. It comes in four different sizes so you can find one that fits almost any breed of dog.

  1. Jack & Zero Dog Collar

Do you love The Nightmare Before Christmas? Well then, you're in luck, because this Jack & Zero collar is one of Red Willow Designs' Christmas 2016 offerings. You will have to call to place a custom order if you have a larger dog—and do it soon, because there's a limited amount of this print.

Beds & Blankets

  1. Virtually Indestructible Dog Bed

Has your dog chewed up or scratched apart their old bed? This specialty dog bed from Waggers is made from the toughest waterproof fabric available and comes in a variety of sizes for different dog breeds.

  1. Pillow Pocket Bed

The Pillow Pocket Bed features a special fleece lined pocket on the top for dogs who like to burrow or tunnel into bed. The top of the pocket is cotton so if your dog overheats they can easily get comfortable again.

  1. Pluto Pillow Pet Bed by Pampered Milano

Everybody loves Pluto and your dog is sure to love this bed just as much. Made out of 100% cotton and filled with the softest padding around, it is machine washable.

  1. Woodland Range Stag Deluxe Slumber Dog Bed by Danish Design

Another 100% cotton dog bed, the Woodland Range Stag Deluxe Slumber Dog Bed is easy to clean and is raised higher off the floor to provide more comfort for larger dogs.

  1. Tuffies Wipe Clean Mattress Bed

Tuffies uses a proper polyester and cotton mattress in all of their beds to provide thorough insulation from the floor as well as a 1,000 denier texturized nylon exterior which is completely waterproof. This particular bed uses a blended exterior to make it even easier to clean than other dog beds—all you have to do is wipe it off with a wet cloth, no matter how bad the mess gets.

  1. Nordic Snuggle Dog Bed

Filled with 100% polyester fiber and lined with faux fur, this incredibly comfortable dog bed is perfect to keep your dog warm all winter.

  1. Earthbound Rectangular Removable Faux Suede Bed Two Tone Grey

Made with a faux suede exterior and a Sherpa—that's the material used inside most cushions made for humans—interior, this bed will keep your dog comfortable for years to come. It's also machine washable.

  1. Waterproof Dog Bed by Berkeley

Berkeley beds use the same pocket spring technology used in most human orthopaedic beds to provide the ultimate comfort to your dog. They also come with a removable and machine washable cover.

  1. Wicker Dog Bed With Fur Cushion

This wicker bed is larger than most other wicker beds and will make a great addition to your patio furniture.

  1. Luxury Flat Mattress Rodeo

Designed to be the ultimate day bed, this mattress is made of Sherpa and fleece with a specially padded edge.

  1. Raised Tuffie Bed With Liner

This fashionable dog bed comes with a firmly secured liner, extra vet-style padding, and room for you to add even more padding of your own.

  1. Pawhut Elevated Pet Bed

Ideal for use in the great outdoors, this dog bed isn't quite as comfy as some of the other options on the list but it's certainly easy to clean—and easy to move inside when the weather gets rough.

  1. Crowns Square Dog Bed

Built for puppies and smaller dog breeds, this novelty bed features a pattern of crowns along the fabric and a removable cushion.

  1. Skulls and Roses Dog Bed

This ultra soft dog bed features a pattern of skulls and roses on one side and plain but slick grey fabric on the other side. It also comes in a variety of sizes for different dog breeds.

  1. Just 4 Pets Combat House

If you have a small dog(or one of your other furry friends is a cat) they will absolutely love this super plush pink house.

  1. Scruffs Eco Box Bed

The Scruffs Eco Box Bed is made out of 100% recycled fleece with a polymer lining made out of recycled plastics. Three sizes are available for small to medium dogs.

  1. Personalized Dog Bed – Donut

Does your dog love donut style beds? Get them one with their name on it.

  1. Arctic Faux Fur Luxury Dog Bed

Created by House of Paws, this bed features a super soft faux fur lining which is completely machine washable.

  1. Brown & Beige Relaxing Sofa

Ideal for senior dogs or dogs with joint injuries/issues, this sofa is large enough for most dog breeds to snuggle on comfortably.

  1. Paw Print Fleece Dog Blanket

You can actually order this warm paw print blanket personalized with your dog's name. It also comes in two sizes for dogs of various breeds.

  1. Charley Chau Faux Fur Blanket

This faux fur blanket is incredibly warm and machine washable(cold water is best).

  1. Flectabed Q Quilted Heat Thermal Bed

The Flectabed Q Quilted Heat Thermal Bed is made of extremely lightweight material which reflects body heat back at your pet to keep them extra warm. This is a particularly good solution for dogs with arthritis.

  1. Double Fleece Dog Blanket

Hand made in Scotland by Freckles Designs, this blanket features an adorable paw print design and it's also twice as thick as other dog blankets.

  1. Trixie Snowflake Blanket

This 100% polyester blanket is double sided and incredibly fluffy.

  1. L.A.Y. Big Bone Cushion and Fleece Blanket

Designed for maximum comfort and easy traveling, the P.L.A.Y. Big Bone Cushion unzips and transforms into a snuggly fleece blanket you and your dog will love cuddling.

  1. Paw and Bone Blanket

Made out of 100% polyester, this 70CM blanket comes in grey or beige.

  1. Gor Pets Double Sided Nordic Blanket

This blanket comes in two different sizes and is incredibly soft. It's also machine washable at up to 40 degrees.

  1. Snuggly Padded Dog Blanket

An extra thick layer of padding makes this blanket almost as comfortable as a dog bed, making it ideal for a variety of spaces. Unfortunately it only comes in one size—66 by 76CM—but this is big enough for most medium sized dogs.

  1. Travel Blanket With Cover

Featuring a tough, dirt resistant underside and a high quality sheepskin lining, this blanket is perfect for pretty much anywhere your dog wants to rest. It also comes with a special cover and strap for easy traveling.

  1. Double Thickness Sherpa Fleece Blanket

This blanket is made out of a special type of Sherpa fleece designed to be the ultimate fabric for both comfort and warmth. It is available in a few different colours.

  1. Maelson Cosy Travel Blanket Roll

Another blanket designed for traveling, the Maelson Cosy Travel Blanket Roll is more like a sleeping bag for dogs than anything else. It has an extra layer of insulation that can withstand temperatures up to -10 degrees.

  1. Personalized Dog Towel and Fleece Blanket Gift Set

Your dog will be able to have the ultimate luxury experience with this towel and fleece blanket featuring his very own name.

  1. Personalized Christmas Pet Blanket

This festive red blanket can be personalized with your dog's name or anything else you want.

  1. Plush Owl Blanket -- Beige

Decorated with an embroidered owl, this blanket is extremely soft. It also comes with a strap so you can easily roll it up and take it on the road with you.

Tasty Treats

  1. Beautiful Joe's Ox Liver Dog Treats

These premium dog treats are 100% natural ox liver, making them both healthy and delicious to your dog.

  1. Edible Christmas Card Santa

Made out of 100% rawhide, this card will be a fun treat for your dog to eat while the family enjoys holiday dinner.

  1. The Barking Bakery Carob Iced Celebration Pawty Cake

This cake is made with Carob, the dog's equivalent to chocolate, and several other delicious dog-friendly ingredients your furry friend will devour in moments.

  1. Lukullus Bones Mixed Pack

Lukullus sells dog bones made out of chicken, duck, and lamb, and now you can get a mixed pack of bones for a special discounted price.

  1. Oggi's Oven Biscuit Mix, Cranberry

Do you love Christmas baking? You can make your dog some special treats too with this specialized biscuit mix.

  1. Good Boy Christmas Turkey & Cranberry Bone, 210G

This special Christmas bone is designed to give your dog a taste of the festivities you and your family will be enjoying

  1. Chicken and Kelp Crunchy Bones

Home made by Gourmet Dog Treats, these premium crunchy bones will quickly become your dog's favourite treat.

  1. Rosewood Christmas Dinner Dog Stocking

This stocking contains 40G of salmon bites, 40G of turkey bites, 40G of cheese biscuits, a Christmas vinyl cracker, and a tennis ball so you can work off all those holiday treats together.

  1. The Dog Treat Company Barking Up The Right Treats Treat Box

You will find four 60G trays of treats in four different flavours inside this lovely wooden box.

  1. Pawsley Christmas Candy Cane

Ideal for medium to large sized dogs, this porkhide chewy treat is both delicious and good for your dog's teeth.

  1. Billy + Margot Antler Giant Christmas Cracker

These Christmas crackers come in a variety of colours and each one holds a surprise treat your dog will love.

  1. Good Boy Festive Ginger Bread Man Chocolate

Made with a special chocolate substitute formula that doesn't use cocoa, this treat is 100% safe and 100% delicious.

  1. Limited Edition Fetch Christmas Gift Box Premium

You'll find a variety of treats, some sample premium food, and even a couple soft plush toys in this fantastic gift box.

  1. Crunchy Peanut Butter Fingers

Every dogs love peanut butter and your dog is sure to enjoy these delicious snacks.

  1. Edible Gift Tag

Attach this to your pup's presents and they'll have twice as much fun.

  1. Good Boy Doggy Mini Mince Pies

These Christmas themed treats come in a pack of six and are sure to bring your dog some festive joy.

  1. Little Christmas Shaped Dog Treats

Every bag of these 100% wheat and gluten free treats comes with a variety of cute Christmas shapes inside.

  1. Christmas Cigar Treats

Your dog will absolutely love these chocolate flavoured cigar chews.


  1. WoofBox

WoofBox is primarily a monthly subscription service, sending 4-6 awesome items for your puppy every month, but they also offer a customized gift box option. This is a great way to get your dog multiple treats without spending a lot of money.


Your dog doesn't need presents to love you but they'll certainly enjoy whatever you get them—and you probably already know what items on this list your dog will love most.

So what are you waiting for? Check your furry friend off the holiday shopping list today.

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