How do you get matted dog hair untangled? The answer, dog detangler.

I am very pro-dog. I think we can all agree that dogs deserve the best. With that said, our four legged friends are PROS at getting dirty. I left my dog outside for 5 minutes and when I came back she was completely unrecognizable. Covered in mud. Doused in goo. And worst of all, hair knotted to oblivion

Neither she nor I enjoyed the lengthy and tedious process of brushing her fur. Every time I pulled the brush out she bolted back outside, as if to taunt me, knowing I only had half as many legs and less than half the speed. It had become a game to her. An unwinnable game. She, the master. I, the fool. 

I was left lifeless. Exhausted. Unwilling to go on. But I had to do it, otherwise her fur would become matted. If you’re not clear on what that means, I’ll tell you as soon as I finish my anecdote. 

Anyway, my life had become an endless cycle of doggy brushing hardship - until I found out about the best dog detangler. The answer to my prayers...the savior of fur...the mender of my relationship with my dog! How, you ask? I will tell you. But first, I’m going to take a dive into the art of dog hair grooming, and answer some questions you might have that I’m sure brought you here via Google. 

Now let’s get into some definitions that will help you better understand what your dog might be going through.

So, What is Matting

Matting is what happens when the hair next to your pet’s skin gets super knotted and grody. The hair gets tangled into clumps, and if left uncared for, can accumulate into even bigger and nastier knots and clumps. Mild matting is often treatable at home with a dog dematting tool and grooming devices, but more severe matting more often than not requires the complete removal of the fur by a vet. A naked dog? Without the glorious fur? NOT ON MY WATCH. 

What is Dematting

Dematting is, as you might have guessed, the subtle art of getting grime off of your dog. Getting the matted clumps of ick off of your pooch might seem daunting, but depending on how much mat there is, it is very doable with the right tools. You can use anything from a comb to a shaver to a dog detangler brush to get the mats out effectively. Just remember, anything done well takes time, patience, and dog treats. 

What Causes Dog Hair Matting? 

Great question! It depends on the breed and type of fur. Short haired dogs are less likely to deal with matting for obvious reasons, but medium to long-haired dogs require a little extra care and consideration. 

Not bathing your dog or using a dog detangler spray on a regular basis are the top causes of matting, but outdoor dogs can also get matted hair from playing in the woods or rolling around in the mud or lawn

The most frequent matting spots on a dog are: 

  • The ears 
  • Under the arms
  • Along the back of the legs 
  • Under the belly 
  • Below the neck

Is Matting Bad for Dogs?

Yes. Mats in your dog’s hair cut off the air flow to your dog's skin and can trap moisture. This can lead to skin irritation, sores, and overall discomfort for your poor pooch! It isn’t just an inconvenience - it’s a health concern! 

Does Matted Hair Hurt Dogs? 

Yes. Even the most mild matting can be painful for any dog, as it can cause them to overheat and be itchy. In more severe cases, a lot of matting can cut off the circulation to a dog’s skin and cause very painful hematomas. 

How Do I Get Rid of Matted Fur on My Dog? 

Time to get into grooming. Learning how to demat a dog isn’t something you have to go to vet school for, you can do it at home! I’ll start with the easiest way to demat a dog: shaving it. This will get rid of those mats lickety-split! 

But wait, don’t panic! 

If you don’t want to cut off your dog’s luxurious fur, there is another easy method. 

How Do I Get Rid of Matted Fur Without Cutting It? 

This is the route to take if you don’t want to turn your dog into a naked mole rat. Knowing how to detangle dog hair is essential for this route! Here’s what you need: some dog detangler and a dog detangler brush. That’s right, that’s it! 

If you don’t know where to start with detangler, I recommend this dog hair detangler, which works wonders for getting even the nastiest knots out with ease. You’ll want to wash your dog first, then use the detangler and brush on the mild mats. 

Don’t stop at dog detangler, though! Our website has a plethora of dog grooming supplies to keep your furry friend fresh and mat-free. 

Now that you’ve got everything in your dog grooming toolkit, you are ready to take your dog from a matted mess to a chic show dog! No more pain, no more tears, and no more afternoons spent chasing your dog through the house. Now get brushing!


Contributing Writer: Aurora Detor