How to Care for Your Artificial Grass for Dogs (The Smart Way)

There is truly nothing more wholesome in this world than a happy dog. This is not an opinion, merely a statement of fact. So, what’s the best way to keep a dog happy? Well, aside from unconditional love, constant attention, and food directly from my plate, dogs love grass and turf to romp around on, get dirty on, and most importantly, poop on.

However, some of us live in areas where grass and turf are sparse, much less wide open spaces. This is where artificial grass for dogs really comes in handy. This fake grass is a perfect replica of real earth that will allow your dog to go whenever they need to, without your help. Sounds ideal, right? 

What’s not ideal is that, well, synthetic grass doesn’t clean itself. But how exactly do you clean fake grass for dogs in a tiny urban area? Well, dear reader, we will not only cover that, but we will learn why your dog would love fake turf, how to clean artificial grass in a time-efficient way, the best products to use, and more! 

Why Do I Need Artificial Grass?

Installing artificial grass for pets is a great way to keep your furry friends entertained, happy, and most importantly, protect them from harmful lawn chemicals. If you’re living in a suburban area, putting artificial grass for dogs on your porch or fake grass for your balcony might give your dog a place to play, lay, and use the bathroom. I don’t know about you, but that sounds a lot better than waking up to a fresh pee stain on my carpet. 

If you don’t have a balcony, you can install fake grass in your home, perhaps in a corner or small area where you would want your dog to use the bathroom in peace. It’s up to you! 

Does Artificial Grass Get Dirty?

Yes. Like dogs, artificial grass attracts dirt, grime, and goo. Moreover, as we’ve gone over several times, dogs may be inclined to poop and pee on it. Which is gross, but natural. You know how it is. 

What are the Pros and Cons of Artificial Grass?



Having fake grass for dogs to pee on means less dog pee in your home. Woohoo!

Odor build up! Artificial turf needs to be cleaned regularly, otherwise the smells will fester. Gross.

There are many types of artificial grass, but all of them are extremely durable and long lasting.

Surface heat. Artificial turf holds more heat than actual grass, so it might get hot under the sun for too long. 

Synthetic grass is non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about your pet being around harmful chemicals.

You need to be careful about which artificial grass cleaner you’re using, as some may be harmful for your dog. (Luckily, we’ve got great recommendations here!)

What is the Best Way to Clean Artificial Grass?

Well, we know now that we have to clean our fake grass regularly. But, how do you keep fake grass clean exactly? The uneven texture must make it hard to clean, right? 

WRONG. Learning how to maintain artificial grass is easier than a lot of people think, and we’re going to go over why, together! YAY! LAWN CARE & FRIENDSHIP!

What Cleaning Products Can I Use on Fake Grass?

Let’s start the conversation by finding the right products first. For some DIY cleaning, a great natural cleaning solution you can use to clean your grass is easy - just combine vinegar and water (a 1:1 ratio), put it in a spray bottle, and spray it evenly across the grass. Easy! 

Here’s another interesting fact - fake grass may not be able to actually grow grass, but it can still grow weeds. Isn’t that totally wild? But here’s the good news: You can use vinegar to kill those weeds, too! 

So, we’ve gone over the natural remedies. But, let’s say you’ve been using vinegar after looking up how to clean artificial grass. It’s been working, but you can’t help but notice a consistent, unpleasant vinegar smell. ‘So, how do I stop my artificial grass from smelling?’ You ask me, with a clothespin comically pinned to your nose. You look ridiculous, but I’ll answer you:

Our non-toxic artificial grass cleaner, of course! This pet-safe cleaner is the perfect way to neutralize dog urine on artificial grass without releasing harmful chemicals everywhere - instead, it releases the pleasant scent of freshly cut grass! 

This powerful artificial grass cleaner is suitable for both dogs and cats, as well as indoor or outdoor grass. All you need to do is dilute the solution using a 10:1 ratio with water, and get spraying! Be sure to let it dry for at least 15 minutes before you (or your pet) step on it. 

Now that we’ve gone over the best products to use, time to get our hands dirty with some common FAQs!

Common Questions

How Do You Clean Dog Urine from Artificial Grass?

Luckily for us humans, dogs often use the bathroom in the same spot. This makes it a little easier to track where they’re peeing and pooping, and cleaning it off of our turf.

How to Clean Dog Urine in 2 Easy Steps

  1. Use your artificial grass cleaner to neutralize the urine and get rid of the smell. 
  2. Spray down the area with a hose. If your artificial grass is indoors, take it outside and spray it down for the best results. 

How Do You Clean Poop Off of Artificial Grass?

Poop is not only hard to deal with, but extremely gross. So gross, in fact, that the urge to get rid of it is so intense that we may end up destroying our fake grass in the process. When faced with feces, many people find themselves asking “Can you pressure wash artificial grass?”, and well, the answer is yes - if you’re careful. However, inexperienced power washers may find that they destroy their grass if used improperly. If you want to be more careful, try this: 

How to Clean Dog Poop in 3 Easy Steps 

  1. Pick up the waste with a plastic bag and dispose of it properly.
  2. Use your artificial grass cleaner to neutralize the urine and get rid of the smell.
  3. Spray down the area with a hose. Simple as that!  

What is the Best Indoor Stain Remover?

If you’re buying artificial grass for dogs to help your dog not pee or poop on your carpet, chances are you’re pretty well-versed in stains. 

We’ve got the solution - try our pet stain and odor remover! It not only removes stains, but it eliminates germs, destroys both cat and dog urine smells, acts as a deterrent to prevent your pet from peeing there again, and helps to stop pet marking! Talk about the ultimate package! 

Final Thoughts

I hope you’ve come out of this article feeling a little more prepared about dealing with artificial grass. If you’re looking for a little more than just the products I’ve shown you here, then check out our website for all kinds of info, tips, tricks, and sprays to help keep your home fresh and your fur-babies happy!

Contributing Writer: Aurora Detor