How To Clean Dog Poo Off Artificial Grass

How To Clean Dog Poo Off Artificial Grass

Dog poo and artificial grass are a match made in heaven if you ask us! Never has it been easier to clean up after your pup, than when you have laid your artificial lawn.

That's because, owing to their permeable nature, all dog mess can be picked up and cleaned easily. 

However, getting rid of the unsightly mess is only half the battle. In order to keep your artificial grass looking clean and hygienic, it is absolutely vital that you use an artificial grass cleaner that has been designed to tackle dog mess.

That is because, unlike real grass which will die and regenerate, your artificial grass fibres will be in place for an awfully long time, meaning they will pick up things like bacteria, viruses and microscopic residue which will remain stubbornly in place unless you regularly clean it.

Although we are blessed with plenty of rain in the UK, rain water is not enough to clean it hygienically.

So, what is the best method to clean poo off your artificial grass?

Remove the poo!

Sounds obvious I know, but getting rid of those little presents in a timely fashion will prevent the kids, or some poor unsuspecting soul, stepping in and spreading the mess.

Hose down the offending area.

Quickly hose the area which accommodated the offending poo, until all visible signs have been removed from the grass.

Disinfect and de-odourise

This is the important part. Just because the offending poop has disappeared, don't think it's out of sight, out of mind!

Millions of bacteria will stubbornly remain on your now, shiny lawn, and they not only cause the spread of germs, but will also be responsible for the horrible pong which will inevitably appear. 

Where does that awful smell come from I hear you cry?  Those offending poo particles the previous cleaning failed to remove will continue to emanate an unpleasant stench until you kill them off for good!

Choose the right product to fight the faeces.

Here at Pro Pooch, we strongly believe, no one should suffer with a pooey lawn,  which is why we asked our chemists to develop an artificial grass cleaner, which would not only clean your grass, bringing it back to its just laid best, but also:

  • Deep clean the grass strands from base to tip
  • Target and neutralise nasty odours specific to dog faeces 
  • Kill harmful bacteria and viruses 
  • Fragrance your lawn with that fresh cut grass scent

To top it all off, we made sure that it's pet and child friendly too.

If you would like to know more about our artificial lawn cleaner, you can do so here.

Some parting words of wisdom.

Having successfully cleaned and treated thousands of lawns, there are a few things which you may wish to avoid while on your quest for lawn cleanliness.

Boiling water. It wont sterilise the area 100% and it may damage your lawn.

"Bio" grass cleaners are hit and miss, they take weeks for the enzymes to get to work in attacking the smell and they do not contain disinfectant (because that would kill the bio enzymes). 

So, if you are looking for a cleaner which will keep your garden area clean, safe and smelling wonderful all year round, trust Pro Pooch to keep your lawn looking tip top.

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