Top 7 Tips to Make the Most Of Summer With Your Dog.

Top 7 Tips to Make the Most Of Summer With Your Dog.

Summer is in full swing, and shock horror, even the sun seems to be out! That means you have WEEKS to really go all out and enjoy best of the summer weather with your best pal, your pooch! Here are some ideas to make the most of the sunshine, before the usual weather is back, and you are cosying up by the fire with a glass of red.

  1. ROAD TRIP to the beach

If your dog loves riding in the car, this could be the perfect way to bond! Research hotels and bed and breakfasts that allow dogs along your route and at your destination. When you get to the sea-side, make the most of it! Dogs love splashing in the water just as much as the rest of us, especially on a hot day. Just make sure you aren’t breaking any rules by taking your dog to a “No Dogs Allowed” beach. (Some people spoil all the fun! )

  1. Throw a DOGS ALLOWED Garden Party

Ok, if there’s one thing for sure- your dog has more friends than you…right? So get social and invite all your doggy pals around for a BBQ. There may be a healthy amount of food begging going on by the food- but hey- we’re all friends here. Embrace the dogs munching and grab yourself a beer.

  1. Have a doggy photo shoot

Lazing around not doing much on a hot summer day? Dust off the digi cam! Dogs can be pretty low-energy in the summer, especially in the heat, so an activity where your pup can lie down is the best kind of activity. Also, here’s a top tip: the shade has better lighting than direct sunlight so your pup will look EVEN more beautiful (if this is even possible!)

  1. Go on a team hike!

Your dog is likely to surprise you when it comes to hiking . Their bodies meant for climbing, so if your favourite hilly terrain has a difficult course, just remember that your pooch has four paws to your two! It could be you struggling to keep up! Just make sure you and your pooch have plenty of water to stay hydrated. And if you both end up feeling lazy…grab a drink in the nearest pub or cuppa in the tea rooms!

  1. Set up a kiddie pool for your pup.

When it gets really hot, it’s best to monitor your dog closely, make sure they are not in direct sunlight for too long. How to get cool? This is the perfect way to cool off your hot doggy in the late summer heat. Dust off the kids old paddling pools, repair those obligatory punctures and get splashing. You never know your pup might inspire you to dust off the speedos and bikinis.

  1. Make your dog an Instagram king (or queen of course)

Do you think your dog has what take to make the big time?! Set up your dog its very own instagram account and get uploading cute pics. Its tons of fun taking the snaps, and taking on the persona of your dog! At the very least, people with similar breeds in your area could see your hashtags and plan meet ups and play dates.

  1. Eat out

Summer is pretty much the only time to dine al fresco, here in sunny Britain.  Find a restaurant or cafe in your area that allows dogs to sit outside on the patio with you. Order your favourite dish with beer. Then sneak all the good dog-friendly human food to your pup under the table. Happy owner, happy pooch.

Most of all...enjoy the sunshine, and stay safe. Keep you and the pooch (s) hydrated and out of direct sunlight (as much as possible) HAPPY SUNSHINY DAYS! 

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