Top Health Issues a Dog Paw Balm Can Help to Deal With

Dogs face numerous health challenges and many of them can be prevented by following simple techniques regularly. The highest expense a dog lover has to bear is that of a vet. Hence you should do everything possible to avoid trips to the vet unless it is absolutely necessary. 

Dog Paws are Sensitive 

Dogs are one of the most loving and loved pets all around the globe. They also happen to be tough and sturdy. They have been gifted with many qualities; nose and paws are two of these God given gifts, apart from their protective instincts. Dog paws are built to tolerate all sorts of terrain. Their paws are more sensitive when they are young but as they grow, a thick padding in the form of fatty tissue develops on their paws to protect them from the friction they face all the time. Despite these qualities, what we must remember is that there is a limit to how much their paws can take. Dog paws are sensitive to extreme weather and harsh environments. And if your dog is young at age and has spent most of the time indoors, this sensitivity can increase. Their paws will keep on tolerating as much as they can but if not taken care of, they will, eventually suffer from cracks or cuts and an increased level of sensitivity. This will make it more difficult for your dog to play and move around. These cuts, if left untreated for long, can also develop into serious infections and injuries. 

Dogs love playing outdoors so their feet will come in contact with all sorts of terrain such as grass, water, rocks, sand and snow. Their paws can suffer a frost bite when playing in the snow. Thorns can get stuck in their feet when playing in a garden and their paws can pick up contaminants from the soil and surface they come in contact with which can result in numerous bacterial and fungal infections. 

Why Dog Paws Need Care 

Your dog is your best companion and you mean the world to them. Following simple steps everyday will keep them in shape and also keep them playful. Dogs will not complain till they can't take it anymore but by that time their health may have worsened too much and they may even require surgical procedures. This will obviously be painful not just for them but for you as well. 

Caring regularly for their paws will save them from a lot of diseases and pain. Concrete pavements in summers can acquire a temperature of above 50 degree Celsius; this could seriously burn or damage a dog’s paws if they remain in contact for long. Some dogs suffer from a genetic disorder called hyperkeratosis which affects the paws and nose. The skin around these two parts thickens and becomes rough and hard which affects their mobility. This means that they will find it difficult to run and jump around and this may end up affecting them mentally as well. 

Cleaning and moisturizing their paws regularly can help them a great deal. Regularly checking your dog’s paws can identify problems before they turn serious. Running in the garden is not hard on their feet but the bacteria and chemicals that exist in the garden soil can result in bacterial infections. Furthermore, dogs regulate their body temperature by panting as well as by perspiring through their paws. Sweat retention in their paws can end up causing infections but this can be avoided by ensuring proper hygiene and using high quality grooming and health products. 

How Paw Balm Helps in Extreme Temperatures 

Using quality dog care products such as paw and nose balm, dog deodorant, shampoo, etc will keep your dog in the best shape. During the winters your dog will definitely love to play in the snow. His paws will come in contact with not just snow but also salt and other chemicals which are used to melt snow. Spending a long time playing in the snow can cause frostbites on their paws and the chemicals can also result in allergies or infections. Moreover, dogs keep licking their paws and this can cause ingestion of these harmful chemicals that can result in internal health issues. Using dog paw balm for winter in order to protect your dog’s paws will create a semi-permeable layer on them which will protect the paws from frostbites and absorption of salt or chemicals.

Chapped and dry paws can result in cuts and bruises; using the paw balm can revive the moisture content and heal them. It should be mentioned here that dog paw balm was invented for addressing the challenges that sled dogs faced due to extreme cold but the balm can also be used to protect against the effects of summers. Concrete roads or pavements will get much hotter than their surrounding temperature and can cause serious burns on a dog’s paws. The layer formed by applying the paw balm may not exactly reduce the temperature but it will offer some degree of protection against the temperature and also address the negative effects of sweat. 

How to Apply Dog Paw Balm 

Dog paw palms usually contain carnauba wax, candelilla wax and beeswax. Some have added liquid oils which are used to soften the wax in order to make the application easy. The oils are not harmful but would leave a stain on your carpets and couches if you have an indoor dog. It is also noteworthy that balms which use paraffin wax are not recommended, primarily because paraffin is an industrial waste. Some balm manufacturers use paraffin wax because of its affordability and end up preparing a balm which may not provide the desired benefits. On the other hand, the best dog paw balm is the one which has been made from beeswax. It contains no harmful chemicals and is hypoallergenic. In order to keep your dog safe from industrial toxins you should get a balm which is completely made from beeswax. A dog paw balm should also not be too soft; it should be firm enough to make a protective layer. The summer heat will simply melt away any soft balm. 

When you are applying the balm for prevention, the application is going to be simple. Wipe the paw pads and pat them dry. Then apply a thin layer evenly on all the paw pads. Give them a minute or two so that the balm is completely absorbed. If your dog is in the habit of licking his feet, try diverting his attention or make him wear socks for a few minutes. 

A balm made entirely from beeswax is entirely safe and you don’t have to worry about your dog licking it. You can apply the balm about 30 minutes before taking your dog for a walk or any other outdoor activity. Same procedure should be followed if your dog has cracked or dry paws, minor cuts or bruises. However if the paws are bleeding then first try to stop the bleeding to see what type of wound it is. If it is a minor wound, dry it and apply the balm as mentioned above. You can also use the dog paw balm for injury, however serious wounds or bleeding should be first referred to a vet. Remember that prevention is always better than cure. Taking regular care of your dog’s paws by keeping them moisturized with a dog paw balm will save their paws from being injured. 

Benefits of Dog Paw Balm

  • Using dog paw balm will keep your dog’s paws moisturized and less prone to cracks.
  • You can protect your dog’s paws from extreme cold and heat by using paw balm which will create a semipermeable protective layer.
  • Regular application of the paw balm will protect against bacterial and fungal diseases.
  • The protective layer of the balm will also address the effects of chemicals on your dog’s paws. 
  • The dog paw balm also has healing capabilities and can address minor cuts, bruises as well as minor bleeding. 
  • You can also use the dog paw balm to protect your dog’s nose. 
  • The application of these balms can address itchiness.
  • Regular usage can also manage symptoms of hyperkeratosis and dermatitis. 
  • Keeping your dog’s paw fit will also improve his temperament. 


Looking after your dog’s hygiene is imperative for developing his health and character. The paws of a dog are their most exposed body part. Using a good paw balm to keep their feet running is a dog owner’s responsibility. Paw balms offer countless benefits and are quite affordable as well.. You can select from a wide variety of these balms which are available in the market. However, remember that the well-being of your dog is your foremost responsibility; so choose carefully and buy what is the best for your pet.