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Dog Eye Problems and Best Eye Drops for Dog

In an ideal case, the eyes of your dog should be bright, clear and without any discharge. Any irritation, allergies, infection, tears production disorders and injuries can cause the dog's eye to tear, drip or water. If you visit a hospital or a vet's clinic you will notice that they get dozens of dog owners calling everyday to either book an appointment with the vet or to inquire about the issue their dog is facing. Owners usually get super scared whenever their dogs have some sort of an eye issue. Along with the dog, you will notice that, mostly, the owner will also seem anxious. There are times when a vet will check an anxious and frantic dog just to...

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How Protect Your Dog From Mosquito Bites

Growing up, we’ve always heard the phrase ‘Prevention is better than cure.’ This holds true for just about anything, especially your pet dog getting bitten by a mosquito. Treatment for a mosquito bite costs time and money that can otherwise be avoided through preventative measures. Remove Stagnant Water Stagnant or still water is one of the biggest breeding grounds for mosquitoes. The water surface acts as a moist surface for female mosquitoes to lay eggs and hatch them into larvae. When you water plants or clean out your garage, make sure all the water is dried up. Similarly, after showering, make sure no water remains on any surfaces. Wipe floors thoroughly to prevent still water. Get Screens for Doors and...

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