Ear Cleaning

How often do you check the inside of your dogs ears? A regular inspection is important to ensure your dogs ears remain healthy and infection free. Often, tell tale signs such as itching and scratching only present themselves once it's too late and an infection or severe irritation has already taken hold. An effective Dog Ear Cleaning routine will help safeguard against all sorts of issues and it only takes minutes to perform a regular checkup.

The best ear dog cleaners use only naturally derived ingredients which are non irritating and non drying. This is important because your dog has a delicate PH balance which should not be disturbed, a gentle plant derived formula will help to remove excess dirt and debris without stripping away the essential oils and "good waxes" which act as a natural cleaning mechanism and prevent dog ear problems.

Speaking of dog ear wax, excessive build up can be one of the primary reasons that dogs itch and shake their heads. Many owners automatically assume infection but this is often not the case. Dog ear scratching can, in many instances, be treated without an expensive trip to the vets.

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