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Baby Powder Cologne (250 ml)
Baby Powder Cologne (250 ml)
Baby Powder Cologne (250 ml)
Baby Powder Cologne (250 ml)

Baby Powder Cologne (250 ml)

Baby Powder Cologne (250 ml) | Regular price £13.99

A subtle floral fragrance infused with Aloe Vera and Pro Vitamin B5.

Product Overview

✓  Our best-selling unisex dog cologne is fragranced with subtle notes of rose and vanilla that will leave your pooch smelling fresh for days.

✓ The perfect after-bath complement, infused with nourishing Aloe Vera which provides deodorising comfort for both coat and skin.

✓  Recommended by professional groomers

FREE FROM Alcohol, Parabens, Silicones, SLES, SLS, DEA and Enzymes.

✓  Spray and protect with a formula infused with Vitamin B5.

✓  Salon favoured ingredients effectively eliminate and control 'doggy' odour.

✓  Naturally Derived & Allergen-free.

✓ Cruelty-Free, vegan-friendly and no nasties.

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As fresh and as clean as grooming gets. Our Baby Powder Cologne is infused with vitamin B5 to provide long-lasting protection to your dog's hair, while extracts of Aloe Vera work to nourish and soothe. Suffused with comforting notes of Rose and Vanilla which combine to leave your dog looking and feeling parlour fresh once again.

✔ LEAVES COATS SMELLING GREAT - No more smelly pups! Our mild, unisex, Baby Talc Fresh Scent refreshes and deodorises while providing conditioning, nourishing boost suitable for every coat. 

 NATURALLY DERIVED ALLERGEN FREE FORMULA - Soothing Aloe Vera extracts seek to replenish the skin and coat. FREE FROM Alcohol, Parabens, Silicones, SLES, SLS, DEA and Enzymes.Perfect for dogs who need a quick freshen up between baths.

✔ SPRAY AND PROTECT - Long-lasting Vitamin B5 rehydrates and nourishes your dog's coat. Suitable for all types of skin and fur.

✔ PROFESSIONAL GRADE FORMULA - Pro Pooch are trusted by Groomers and dog owners across the world to provide products which outperform. Our Baby Powder Cologne deodorises and conditions leaving your dog with a professional, salon scent, leaving your dog smelling amazing and their coat nourished and plush. 

✔ HELP A DOG IN NEED - Pro Pooch are a proud partner of animal charity Mayhew. Each year we donate a proportion of our profits to assist dogs in need. 

✔ TOTAL PEACE OF MIND - Pro Pooch are a trusted and established UK brand. All our products come with a lifetime guarantee and our cruelty-free animal policy ensure you will never buy anything which has been tested on animals.


Aqua (Water), Polysorbate 80, Citric Acid, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder, D-Panthenol, Tocopheryl acetate, Parfum (Fragrance), Polysorbate 20, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate.

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How long does the smell last?
Pro Pooch's Baby Powder Cologne Spray is designed to provide a long-lasting fragrant addition to your dog’s grooming regime. 1-2 pumps of cologne will be enough to leave your dog feeling frresh all day.
How many applications can I get from the bottle?
Pro Pooch's Baby Powder Cologne provides excellent value. One 250ml bottle provides enough for approximately 40-50 applications.
Can your Cologne be used with any fur type?
Of course! Our Baby Powder Cologne is completely safe to use for all dogs, male and female, all fur types, puppies and even those with sensitive skin.
Is it Cruelty-Free?
Absolutely! All Pro Pooch products come with a cruelty-free guarantee. This is because we believe we owe a responsibility to safeguard the care of all animals in the manufacture of our products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Pawsome products

Really nice products shampoo, detangling spray, baby powder cologne all really good nice smell, my boy's not lovers of the fresh breath spray.....even tried it in their water and wouldn't touch it. Great packaging and quick delivery, will order again when I've used the products up.. 🐶🐾

Dry shampoo

This is fantastic 😄 Our greyhound is not a fan of water to put it mildly and this is a great product to clean him up, not to mention it smells lush! Poochy just strolls round the house leaving a fragrant scent behind him (for a change!)

Great product and smells so good too

I bought the waterless shampoo and the deodorising spray and they both smell gorgeous , The Waterless shampoo is great as our two don’t like bath time , so they don’t really know they are being bathed , less stress and happy dogs and owner would recommend

Great Products For An Active Boy

Frankie is a 3 year old very active Frenchie waling 10k a day most days, through woods, fields and ...... mud! He loves it at -3C not at 33C and does have quite a few environmental allergies (hay fever - even in winter!, skin allergies to various plants he loves to charge through etc. But he does like to be pampered and clean so he is quite high maintenance! However, showers are a no-no except at the groomers where it is a 2 person job.

So that's the back ground and now to the product range we have:

1) Paw Balm - sure it's good but paws no no no not to be touched under any circumstance!
2) Nose Balm - very good, once I get him in a head lock, as nose is also a no even for his favourite treats or there is no balm is sight. But seriously once on keeps his "snoot" protected from the rigours of the cold weather.
3) Eye guessed it eyes are a no no but on makeup pads and wiped are tolerated. The anti-bacterial and fungal formula give some assurance for his hay fever and general debris he picks up on his travels.
4) Itchy skin you are wrong he loves it, just as a general rub down after grooming - he picks up all sorts of weals, spots and scrapes on his adventures are it does the job. He also suffers from oily eczema on his flanks due to something he on his walks - but a couple of days back combing with a wire brush and itchy skin balm clears it brilliantly.
5) Dry Shampoo - loves it. As I said showers are a no so it is usually towels washes in the kitchen and if shampoo was used it was a devil to get out but this is great - wet towel wipe clear them some foam shampoo you don't have to wash out . Thumbs up from Frankie.
6) Baby Powder Cologne - he has always loved a spritz with his grooming so I tried this and yes he loves it - once he got over the squirting sound was different from that of his old one! Nice finish to grooming and keeps his coat in top notch condition. Can't say how good it is on deodorising as he is a very nice smelli...

Good, quality wholesome products

I purchased the Baby powder cologne and the breath freshener after paying for the p&p for the free sample products that were on offer and I loved them all. These products come in excellent non flashy containers and the products are excellent. The baby powder cologne smells light and refreshing and makes Betsy, my English Show Cocker Spaniel Blue Roan smell beautiful and even gives her coat a slight sheen. The breath freshener is also wonderful and Betsy tolerates it very well with two squirts on either side of her mouth makes her breath smell lovely and minty. All in all the products are brilliant and are excellent money for what they do very efficiently. I will soon be purchasing the other products that Pro Pooch does. Thank you very much everyone at Pro Pooch!! Betsy loves your revitoralising products!!

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