5 Signs Your Dog Is Suffering With Itchy Skin

We've all had that feeling. An itch appears, suddenly, out of nowhere. Usually in a hard to reach place.

It's OK at first, but as the seconds pass, your desire to scratch it reaches epic proportions. You try to reach but you can't, suddenly you are desperate! You reach for ANYTHING to try to help, rolled up newspaper, a coat hanger, even the door frame to help scratch...that...itch.

Chances are, you have seen your dog do the same. An itchy coat is a common problem in dogs. It has even been linked to depression and accounts for up to 40% of all skin related vet visits! 

The reasons are plentiful, wrong shampoo,  diet, allergies, breed type, the list goes on. More important than the cause, is the signs, so you know what to look out for, and more importantly, what to do about it. 

1.Constant Scratching

The odd scratch here and there is normal behaviour. But frequent scratching, biting and nibbling is a sign of a more serious underlying skin condition. 

2. Hot Spots

What is a hot spot not? Well, its not good news, that's for sure.

One of the first signs your dog has a problem might be the development of a “hot spot” -- a red, wet, irritated area that arises from persistent chewing, licking, scratching or rubbing. 

3. Loosing Their Va Va Voom

Dogs are renowned for their vitality. If your's is usually all wet nosed and waggy tailed but has started to become disinterested in normal activities like walking and playing, a dermatological condition could be affecting their mood.  

4. It Gets Worse In the Summer

Just like us, dogs get worse during allergy season. Summer is peak season and the increased pollen count as well as the fact they are spending more time outdoors can lead to allergens getting on their coat, which, if left, can irritate their skin.

5. Their Coat is Looking Dull

A dull coat is an easy to spot sign that your dogs skin is not performing at its best. Healthy skin should retain a strong moisture barrier to protect the integrity of the skin sell. 

If your dog ticks even one of these boxes, it might be time to take a closer look and investigate whether or not they have a skin condition, and what steps you can take to remedy the situation.

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