Dog Ear Cleaning

Your dog's ears are among their most important tools for understanding the world around them, and keeping those ears clean is crucial to keeping your dog healthy and happy. You can ask the vet to clean your dog's ears during their annual checkup, but it's important to include ear cleaning as part of your grooming routine, especially if your dog has a lot of excess fur around their ears. Cleaning your dog's ears is a fairly simple process requiring only some cotton pads, disposable gloves, and a specialised natural ear cleaner.

What should I use to clean my dogs ears out properly?

You will require a specialised solution designed to safely clean out your dog's ears. The best dog ear cleaners are made with naturally derived ingredients and do not contain any drying agents such as alcohol. Essential oils are used in many dog ear cleaners, but these frequently are not properly purified for consumption and may damage your dog's ears.

Never buy a dog ear cleaner that doesn't fully disclose all of its ingredients on the label. Terms such as "proprietary blend" are often used to mask harmful ingredients. Any company that doesn't make the ingredients in their dog care products readily available should not be trusted with your furry friend's health.

Why should you use a dog ear cleaning solution?

Your dog's ear canal is dark, warm, and moist, making it the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of harmful bacteria. Regular cleaning dramatically reduces the risk of infection.

The curved shape of your dog's ear canal also makes it easy for debris to get into the ear. Removing said debris is almost impossible without a good ear cleaner.

What can happen if you don't clean your dog's ears regularly?

Some of the most common dog ear problems include debris getting stuck in the ear canal and causing tears, yeast infections, and bacterial infections. These problems can affect your dog's hearing and temperament. Untreated infections can also affect other parts of your dog's body, including their eyes.

Aren't there lots of dog ear cleaning products on the market?

Due to the sensitive nature of your dog's ear canal, it can be extremely dangerous to use products that aren't specifically designed for your dog's ears. A quick Google search will show you dozens of "home remedies", but the effectiveness of these remedies hasn't been proven and there are always inherent risks when making remedies in your house. Dog ear cleaning solutions are specially formulated to remove debris from your dog's ears and prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria.

Making ear cleaning a regular part of your dog grooming routine (if you don't have one, it's time to make one) reduces the risk of infection and ensures that debris doesn't get lodged in the ear canal for extended periods of time.

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