We think your dog is model material 📸

Here is how to enter: 
1. Grab a smart phone or tablet that can record video. 
Dog Models
 2. Grab a friend or family member to help you record your video (it can be a little tricky by yourself)
3. Record a review of your Pro Pooch product(s) between 1-2 minutes long:

For your video to be eligible,  you must include the following 3 elements in your video:

a. Mention our company name: Pro Pooch 
b. Clearly show your face, our product and your dog(s)
c. Review both the product and your shopping experience.

Dog Models

4. Email us at info@propooch.com from the device you recorded the video on.

Good luck! 😍🤳

 We will use these videos on our website and in our marketing campaigns, by sending a video you consent to it being used in this way. 


If you are looking for some inspiration, check out this example from our good friends the the Hampshire Hotdogs Bernie & Ned