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To claim your £10 Pro Pooch gift card...

1.Grab a Smartphone or Tablet that can record video.

2.Make sure your face and your Pro Pooch product are clearly visible. Extra points if your pooch is in the video too!

3.Tell us why you love it and what your shopping experience was

4. Email your video to with the subject
line : "Pro Pooch Video Review"

The video needs to be 20-50 seconds long and mention Pro Pooch” by name.

(Helpful tip: Ask a friend or family member to hold the camera.)

Here is an example from our lovely customer Tiah

About Pro Pooch

What people are saying

  • Over the moon with Pro Pooch customer service from start to finish. The Ear Cleaner we purchased has worked within a week after spending £££ on other treatments to no avail. I felt truly looked after. Well done!


  • Finally I have found some grooming products for my beloved dogs where the ingredients are not just an afterthought but the focus of the whole company.


  • Your oatmeal shampoo, Its not cheap but my goodness it has stopped Kato's itching after just a few weeks. I was sold by the products natural claims but the real benefit to me is how soft and supple his skin is after bathing. Most pleased.


  • I was cleaning with boiled salty water for a week to no avail. I have used these drops 3 times now over 2 days after cleaning and bingo the improvement is astounding. Thank you pro pooch I am amazed by this product.


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