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ProPooch Dog Ear Cleaner 

How to clean dog ears? 

A good quality ear cleaning solution, some cotton balls or gauze, and some treats to reward your dog are all that is needed to clean your dog’s ears. Never use cotton tipped applicators (Q-tips) as this can potentially damage your dog's eardrum or ear canal.

Follow our step by step guide for safely cleaning your dog’s ears: 

  1. Have your dog sit in front of you with his rear end positioned between your legs. 
  2. Grasp one ear and hold the ear flap up vertically to expose the ear canal.
  3. Squeeze some ear cleaning solution into your dog’s ear. Use enough cleaner to completely fill the ear canal. It is fine if some of the cleaner spills out of the ear canal. DO NOT put the tip of the bottle into the ear. If the tip of the bottle touches your dog’s ear, wipe the tip off with a clean cotton ball soaked in alcohol to prevent the spread of bacteria or yeast.
  4. Continue to hold the ear flap up vertically with one hand and gently massage the base of the ear below the ear opening for about 30 seconds with the other hand. This allows the cleaning solution to break up the debris that is in the ear canal. You should hear a 'squishing' sound as the cleaning solution moves around in the horizontal part of the ear canal.
  5. While still holding your dog's ear flap up, wipe away any debris from the inner part of the ear flap and the upper ear canal using a cotton ball or gauze.
  6. Allow your dog to shake their head. This allows the remaining ear cleaning solution and debris from the ear canal to move out of the canal to the outer opening of your dog’s ear.
  7. Once again, hold your dog’s ear flap up, and remove the loosened debris and cleaning solution from the outer opening of the ear canal using a cotton ball or gauze.
  8. Remove any debris and remaining cleaning solution from your dog’s ear canal with a cotton ball or gauze – only go into the ear canal as far as your finger will reach.
  9. NEVER use a cotton-tipped applicator (Q-tip) to remove the solution from the ear canal. Doing so can damage the ear canal and/or ear drum or push debris further into the ear canal.
  10. Provide treats to your dog and repeat the same process with the other ear.

If your dog appears to be in pain during the cleaning process, stop immediately and consult your veterinarian. If your dog has an ear infection and requires medication to be applied to the ears, clean the ears first and then apply the medication.

Can you damage a dog's ear by cleaning it? 

Yes. It’s possible to damage your dog’s ears if you are using cotton tip applicators (Q-tips) because you risk perforating their eardrum, causing trauma to their ear canal, or pushing debris further into their ear canal. 

How often should you clean a dog's ears? 

Once a month. Some dogs require less ear cleanings, while others, such as those predisposed to ear infections or dogs who spend a lot of time in the water, may need their ears cleaned more often. Overcleaning your dog’s ears can also possibly irritate the ears and lead to infection. Always consult your veterinarian for how often to clean your specific dog’s ears. 

ProPooch Dog Eye Drops

How to give a dog eye drops? 

Follow our step by step guide for safely giving your dog eye drops:

  1. Gently clean away any debris around the dog's eyes with warm water and a washcloth prior to administering the eye drops.
  2. Hold the bottle using your thumb and index finger. You may want to rest this hand on the top of the dog's head for stability.
  3. With your other hand, use your thumb to pull down your dog’s lower eyelid. The lower eyelid acts as a pouch to receive the drops. For additional support, place your remaining fingers under your dog's jaw.
  4. Hold the bottle close to your dog’s eye but make sure you do not touch the eye's surface.
  5. Squeeze the drops directly onto the eyeball, aiming for the center of the eye.
  6. Release your dog's head. Your dog will blink, spreading the eye drop solution around their eyes.
  7. Provide them a tasty treat! 

Can you give dogs human eye drops? 

No. Medications for humans, including eye drops, are generally not the same for dogs. Using eye drops not intended for dogs may cause pain, damage, or even blindness. Always consult with your dog’s veterinarian before administering any eye drops you are unsure of. 

ProPooch Tear Stain Remover

How to remove dog tear stains?

Removing dog tear stains is a simple process and only requires some cotton balls and a quality tear stain remover. Moisten a cotton ball with the tear stain remover, and rub gently around the surrounding eye area.

ProPooch Dog Detangling and Conditioning Spray

Will conditioner help matted dog hair? 

A detangling conditioner spray can certainly help with the tangles found on a coat after applying and brushing.  However, it does not break apart heavily clumped mats on its own. 

How do you detangle severely matted dog hair?

Follow these easy steps to detangle a severely matted dog. 

  1. Assemble your tools - A dematting tool, a mat splitting tool and a slicker brush are your best friends when taking on mats and tangles. 
  1. Find the mats and tangles - Brush your dog with the slicker brush to locate mats and tangles.
  1. Apply detangler -  Start the detangling and dematting process by applying ProPooch Dog Detangling and Conditioning Spray to areas of the coat that are matted and/or tangled. Rub the product into the coat so it penetrates the problem area.
  1. Use your fingers - Work the mat or tangle out with your fingers by pulling and easing the hair apart one bit at a time. Use the mat splitting tool to cut through the mat if it’s taking you too much time. Be sure to cut in the direction the hair grows.
  1. Use your brush - When you have removed as much of the tangle or mat as you can, use a slicker brush. For tangles, gently brush a few hairs at a time to separate them from the rest of the tangle.
  1. Bathe your dog.  Once you have removed as many of the mats and tangles you can, give your dog a bath. Since water will make a tangle or mat worse, be sure all the mats and tangles are gone before you bathe your dog.  Use ProPooch Oatmeal & Aloe Dog Shampoo to get your dog clean, and follow with ProPooch Dog Detangling and Conditioning Spray again to help ensure mats and tangles don’t develop as you are drying your dog.
  1. Provide your dog with treats - they deserve it! 

ProPooch Dog Dry Wash Shampoo

Is dry shampoo safe for dogs?

Yes, as long as it doesn’t contain toxic ingredients such as alcohol, parabens, silicones, SLES, SLS, DEA and enzymes. ProPooch Dog Dry Wash Shampoo is free of all these toxic chemicals. 

ProPooch Oatmeal & Aloe Dog Shampoo

Can you use human shampoo on dogs?

No. It’s not recommended that you use human shampoo on dogs because human shampoo is designed with a higher pH in mind to accommodate for the naturally higher pH balance of human skin. As a result, it can disrupt the pH levels on your dog’s mantle, leaving your dog vulnerable to parasites, viruses, and bacteria. 

Human shampoo can also make your dog’s skin feel dry and flaky which can lead to repeated scratching and cuts. We recommend ProPooch Oatmeal & Aloe Dog Shampoo instead of human shampoo for a happy, healthy dog! 

ProPooch Dog Paw Balm

What can I use to moisturize my dog's paws?

Keep your dog's paws from becoming dry, cracked and possibly even infected by massaging them with ProPooch Dog Paw Balm

Is paw balm good for dogs?

In general, yes. Dog paw balm is a great way of helping sore paw pads heal as well as protect them from further damage. Dogs with health conditions in particular, such as diabetes or hyperkeratosis, may benefit from paw balms because these diseases can often make their paws sore, rough, and cracked.

How often should I put paw balm on my dog?

Dog paw balms can be applied as often as necessary.  

To apply, follow these simple steps: 

  1. Distract your dog using their favourite treat.
  2. Apply a small pea-sized amount to the affected paw.
  3. Gently massage into the affected area.

ProPooch Pet Stain & Odor Remover

How to get rid of pet odor in house?

ProPooch Pet Stain & Odour Remover kills pet odours at the source, rather than just masking them. Simply spray onto the surface, wipe off excess, and enjoy the fresh clean scent. If you aren't sure where the source is coming from, it may be time to invest in an ultraviolet light to find spots of pet odor that might not be easily visible.

How to remove pet stains from carpet?

Simply spray ProPooch Pet Stain & Odour Remover lightly on carpets until damp and remove excess with a cloth.