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At Pro Pooch, we live and breath dogs! Before we even think about producing a new product, we look at what is already out there and see how we can improve things for the benefit of our customers. 

Through our research we speak to past and prospective customers and ask them questions about the issues they face with their pets. We go away and source the answers for them to ensure they have the best experience using their Pro Pooch products. 

We have assembled all of that information into our handy guides, which you can access below. 

Eye Drops For Dogs

There are several types of eye drops for dogs. Medicated ones, prescribed by a vet, usually to treat infection and unmedicated ones, which are used to alleviate conjunctivitis, stinging, squinting, itching, irritation and allergies. Find out what signs to look out for which show that your dog may be suffering from an eye issue and what to do about it. 

How To Clean Dog Ears

This comprehensive guide covers issues such as when you should clean your dogs ears, how often and the best techniques for getting out all that gunk and debris! We also delve into the warning signs of when you dog may have a more serious issue, such as an infection, which requires veterinary treatment.

Bonus Material: Pro Pooch's Guide On How To Clean Your Dogs Ears Safely

At the bottom of the guide, you will find our handy video demonstrating how to perform the ear cleaning procedure safely and effectively. 

Why Do Dogs Chew

Chewing is one of the biggest issues facing new dog owners. Its a right of passage that your new puppy will chew and there are effective ways of dealing with this behaviour. 

We take a close look at what causes your dog to chew and the best behavioural training methods which will prevent this stage in your dogs development from becoming a regular occurrence. 

Bonus Material: Pro Pooch's Guide On How To Your Dog Chewing

This short video, covers some of the training techniques to use alongside our anti chew spray Dog Off. 

Why Does My Dog Keep Scratching?

Just like humans, many dogs suffer from allergies and there can be nothing more upsetting than seeing your pooch suffering with symptoms of itchy skin. 

We look at why it is so important to use a natural anti itch shampoo and what sort of ingredients can help alleviate symptoms and provide itch relief for your dog.  

How To Remove Dog Tear Stains Naturally

This video will show you how to administer Pro Pooch Tear Stain Remover to remove those unsightly stains from around your dogs eyes. 

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  • Over the moon with Pro Pooch customer service from start to finish. The Ear Cleaner we purchased has worked within a week after spending £££ on other treatments to no avail. I felt truly looked after. Well done!


  • Finally I have found some grooming products for my beloved dogs where the ingredients are not just an afterthought but the focus of the whole company.


  • Your oatmeal shampoo, Its not cheap but my goodness it has stopped Kato's itching after just a few weeks. I was sold by the products natural claims but the real benefit to me is how soft and supple his skin is after bathing. Most pleased.


  • I was cleaning with boiled salty water for a week to no avail. I have used these drops 3 times now over 2 days after cleaning and bingo the improvement is astounding. Thank you pro pooch I am amazed by this product.


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