In our commitment to transparency, we would like to explain a little about how we select our ingredients and make decisions about what goes into our products...

Natural Ingredients

Pro Pooch is committed to using natural and naturally derived ingredients where possible in all our 'Grooming' and 'Wellbeing' products.

A natural ingredient can be defined as one which came from a natural source discovered in nature which includes no petroleum compounds.

Some of the natural ingredients we use in our products are Wheat Germ Oil, Manuka Honey, Tea Tree Oil, Geranium, Evening Primrose Oil, Lavender among many others.  

‘Naturally derived’ ingredients can best be described as either vegetable or plant-based or originally derived from plants.

So, for example, this means the ingredient began from a natural source such as a castor bean plant and then was processed to become the ingredient we use; Zinc Ricinoleate being a good example of this. 


Synthetic Ingredients

Where possible we will try to avoid using too many synthetic ingredients in our 'Wellbeing' and 'Grooming' products.

A synthetic material is one which has been formulated or manufactured by a chemical process and has transformed a substance which was derived from a naturally occurring plant, mineral or animal source.

While our preference is to use natural and naturally occurring ingredients, we consult with our GMP accredited chemists extensively before the release of any of our products and they may occasionally advise that there is no readily available natural solution to the synthetic ingredient.

In which case we will make the decision to use the synthetic ingredient in order to not sacrifice the quality of our products. 

You may notice that our ‘Home’ range contains more synthetic materials than either our ‘Groom’ or ‘Wellbeing’ products and this is because these products have powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which could not be guaranteed using purely natural ingredients.

As products in the 'Home' range are not designed to come into direct contact with your dog we decided to put considerations of product effectiveness first.

Pro Pooch defines ‘99% natural’ as meaning more than 99% of the ingredients by concentration, are considered “natural ingredients" or "naturally derived ingredients," according to the definitions provided above.