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Sore Dog Eyes

This wonderful product gave immediate relief to our bleary-eyed Cavalier and I would recommend it to anyone whose dog has sore eyes.

Did not work for our pup

We were very dissapointed as our 10 week old standard wire dachshund has turned out a real chewer. Saw your info in the kennel club puppy mag and thought this is for us. On arrival we sprayed the coffee table legs and the ends of an expensive rug. Imagine our dismay when she licked it off!!

It works

Great product that works for a 12 week old pup ....

So gentle but effective

A very gentle cleanser that does an effective and great job.

This does not work at all

Followed the manufacturers comments to the letter and did not work whatsoever. Puppy continued to chew my leather sofa and stair carpet. Don't waste your money. Company admitted there are dogs where this doesn't work at all. They have promised to refund my payment however.

Hi Sian. Sorry to hear dog off has not worked for you. Dogs taste buds are very different to our own and while we have found Dog Off to be effective on over 85% of dogs, there are some whose taste receptors seem to be impervious to any sort of deterrent. This is the case for all anti chews available on the market. However, as you mentioned, we have provided you with a full refund under our satisfaction guarantee. Thank you for being a valued Pro Pooch customer.
Love This Set

Just claimed a FB offer on this set, love the look. Great products too!


I was sceptical when purchasing these for my dogs sorry eyes. Was cleaning with boiled salty water for a week to no avail. I have used these drops 3 times now over 2 days after cleaning and bingo the improvement is astounding. No eye biggies at all on day 2. Thank you pro pooch I am amazed by this product.

Great product

The Pro Pooch dog ear cleaner is the only thing that works on my standard poodle . A great package with the Q tips and wipes I wont use anything else .

Great product

We have a little westie that has dry eye, the vet vet prescribes Optimune which is very expensive. I bought these eye drops to try and very pleased with the results we have even taken her back to the vet and he said how good her eyes were now.

Great product

My bichon dog is prone to get dirty ears used the pro pooch ear cleaner for the last three days and her ears are now spotless. Will definately buy again

Great product

I love using this product on my dogs as first time they didn't feel uncomfortable with me cleaning their ears thanks

Dog Ear Cleaning Kit
Ear cleaning kit

The kit was easy to use the dogs did not mind their ears being cleaned and has far has I can tell it cleaned them really well

Itchy Dog Remedy

My dog has extremely sensitive skin and nothing seemed to work until I tried this shampoo.

JointLab™ Advanced Joint Support

used this product before first class dog barely knows its in her dinner but does help with them aches and pains I would recommend this product


I have to confess that these were a last resort and I didn't hold out much hope. Having visited the vet twice and received prescribed eye drops with no success I trawled the internet and decided to give these a go. I paid for first class postage late in the day so expected them two days later but they took a day longer. As an email had informed of their dispatch the day following my order it seems the delay was down to Royal Mail.
Well, since their arrival my little 'Jackhuahua' has been able to spend time in the garden with me on a beautiful June day with very little irritation to her eyes. One pleased pooch!

Dog eye drops

Arrived on Monday, been using them since and I'm sure there is a change in murdach,s eyes all ready, even tho he is a big baby and I struggle to get the drops in lol X

Five Star

A Five Star review from us for Pro Pooch eye drops.
Our dog's eyes are clearer and brighter after just a few uses.
Highly recommended!

JointLab™ Advanced Joint Support
Brilliant Product

Received my order within stated time so very satisfied.


I am absolutely over the moon with this shampoo. Kato, our West Highland Terrier is often itching his flank and his belly, the condition seems to be worse in Winter (heating drying out skin maybe?), but this year he continued to scratch into the warmer months. Having previously bought their Ear Cleaner, I received an email about the shampoo. Its not cheap but my goodness it has stopped Kato's itching after just a few weeks. I was sold by the products natural claims but the real benefit to me is how soft and supple his skin is after bathing. Most pleased.


My dog suffers with yeast and gets bad itchy ears and shakes his head. This product is easy to clean with on a cotton pad and also just to put down to clean. I will continue using this product. The size also is great value for money!

great product

We received our product, (ear cleaner) very quickly, we used it straight away and found it very easy to use with the twist open cap and nozzle, it worked a treat, and was handy having the pads and buds supplied as well. it definately removed a lot of wax and dirt from Coopers ears. He's also not scratching as much and his ears aren't smelly anymore :-)

Excellent product

My poor spaniel has always suffered smelly ears and this cleaner really flushes them out and leaves them lovely and clean, he's so much happier

Ear cleaner

Could use more of the cotton wool pads the earbuds are not so useful for cleaning thuoroughly.
All in all a very useful product which works.

Clean ears - and no fuss!

We've used Pro Pooch Dog Ear Cleaner for less than a week after using a product provided by our vet. Jack's ears are so much cleaner, he's stopped shaking his head and the inflammation that's been evident for weeks is disappearing. Delighted (as is Jack)

Good start

Used it now for three days and big improvement with head shaking and trying to scratch his ears. Hope fully will see more improvement

stain removal odour treatment

I brought this as In case puppy has an accident in the rooms with carpets. Of course he did : ) so I got my bottle treated the mishap and well, it's great all removed and no smell so unlike other treatments should stop repeat remarking. I recommend you try this. Happy with product.

Willow is looking good

I was very unsure about buying eye drops off the net for my French bulldog puppy as I was told any issues large or small you must take her to the vet, anyway I gave these drops ago on Saturday night and today is Monday and I have not put her drops in yet so in one day really my fur baby's red blood shot eyes that looked sore and irritated and one was squinting and her third eyelid looked extended and very sore, have gone she looks amazing her eyes when she looks up looked red she looks so much better a fabulous product won't be with out it in her first aid kit now I am going to use for another couple of days three times just to flush out but after that will use possibly twice a week unless flairs up again, we are very happy thank you pro pootch I am ordering the ear drops now to give those ago and if they work as good I will be one very happy puppy owner knowing I have products to rely on. I paid for 1st class but came a day later but I ordered Thursday night late so coming on the Saturday is fine with me.


I bought these eye drops after seeing an FB advert, given that our Shih Tzu suffers with itchy eyes. Not being familiar with the company I wasn't expecting miracles but I must say after a couple of uses the problem seems to be massively better. First rate customer service as well, well done.

5 star

It only arrived today have not used it yet

5 star

yet to try it

Stain & Odour Remover

Very good & useful just as I've bought in a new puppy!

Dog eye drops

Delivery took twice as long as quoted.The product it self seems okay

Hi Alan, Thanks for your comment. After reading about your delivery experience I have looked into your order. Your purchase was made at 8.48pm on Friday 31st March, your goods were dispatched first thing Saturday morning. As you chose our free shipping option, this was delivered via Royal Mail 2nd Class. Your order should have arrived within 1-2 working days. I can see from the tracking information that Royal Mail did not deliver this parcel until Thurs 6th April. Please accept my apologies on their behalf for the delay. Unfortunately, we have no control over Royal Mails delivery times butI have emailed you a code to claim a complimentary bottle of eye drops for the inconvenience this delay has caused.
Dogs eye drops

Within 2 days of squirting the solution into Rocky's weeping eyes they were cured. No expensive / time consuming vet visit for me. Thanks Poo pooch.

great product works well

worked well, excellent product and price

5 star

Dog Eye Drops (250 ml)

Eye Drops

My dog suffers from terrible dry eyes. These eye drops work really well for soothing and cleansing the eyes as well as removing any discharge that tends to accumulate. Products I have bough in the past have been much smaller, c. 50ml perhaps, this bottle is very large, it says 250ml so should last a very long time. The eye drops also came very well packaged in a customised box which I thought was a nice touch.

Buy It!

Gosh, what an an improvement in my Pug's eyes! Cleared the conjunctivitis in his eyes after romping around outside in the spinney at the back of our home. I really recommend and use as it states on the bottle. This really is a fantastic product and worth every penny. Lovely guide on how to use the product too. Thank you very much.


lovely smell & does get rid of those tough pet odours! Great size bottle too, love it!! Super fast delivery too, Thankyou ProPooch x

ear cleaner

used it today and seemed to work very well


Works well and brilliant support from the manufacturer


My lab has an really bad time with her ears having a smell and his ear cleaner is great gets all the gunk out and makes ears smell lovely :) would recommend!!

Dog eye drops

This product worked very quickly to soothe my dogs conjunctivitis . It will also last a while as it is a big bottle ... very useful to have at hand incase his probIem returns . I will definitely be trying more of these products for both of my dogs ... one aged 10 and the other 18 months. So happy to have found this site.

Brilliant Product

Have tried other brands , but nothing compares to this, seeing a difference after only 3 days , very satisfied . Thanks from me and my best friend

An amazing product that works.

Very impressed with this product. My dog suffers from occasional ear problems, mainly yeast infections that make her ears itchy and smelly. Within three days of using this product her ears are looking healthy again and the yeasty smell has gone. In the past I have paid vets lots of money buying their antibiotic ear cleaners that do not work. I will be using this ear cleaner regularly now. Thank you Pro Pooch for making such a good and natural product...... that works.


Got a 2 year old lab with ear infection is very good to clean out the wax and gunk in her ears before I put in the ear drops the vets gave us , it's been made her ears smell alot better noticed that the first time I used it on my holly after a few days she's even more calm and lets me put it in her ears :) great delivery too thumbs up from me

It doesn't work!

We have a 13 week old puppy that has taken to licking the wallpaper in the snug.. when it goes soggy she pulls off the paper.. I have sprayed on the anti chew spray.. and she is still licking away!! Disappointingly it isn't working.. any ideas?

Hi Penny, It is important to continually re-apply the product several times on an item like wall paper as the active ingredients will be easily absorbed. Implementing some of the training tips contained in the e-book which was delivered with your purchase will also assist in speeding up the process. If you have any more questions, please get in touch at
dog repellent spray

all that matters is it does what it says it does

Effective but bottle broken

The spray itself appears to work well as puppy sneezes and backs away after tasting, allowing to distract to appropriate chews. But... the the spray tip/nozzle broke when tried to open it. Ended up pouring rest into another spray jar.

Keep trying it will work!

To start with I wasnt sure about this product I went on my merry way spraying this on a few of my items and my determined pup was still nibbling away, I emailed the seller and got a really fast response, in fact, 5 mins later. They said to make sure it was dry before testing it on my pup, and that it might need reapplying. I kinda thought yeayea, and the next day it REALLY worked. Thank you Pro Pooch, great sevice too.

JointLab™ Advanced Joint Support
Does what it says on the tin

This has worked really well for my dog who is now really old and struggles with motivation for walks (as do I might i add) Scooby now finds his walks easier and is starting to look a bit happier in himself. Now to find the human version for myself!!!