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It says invalid email address when I try to sign up?

Remove all blank spaces before and after your email address when you enter it, this will prevent the "invalid email address" showing. 

Will I be signed up to some sort of subscription?

No, the sample pack is a non obligation purchase. 

Why is there a postage and packaging charge?

This cover's the cost of the postage, the custom mailer box, leaflets and vouchers that arrive with your sample products. 

How much is in each sample bottle?

We have included a whopping 20ml of sample in each product. Typically samples only include 5-10ml but we want to give you the opportunity to see how well our products really work 😄

For the Cologne, Breath Freshener, Detangler and Dry Wash you will get approx 30 pumps / sprays of each which is good for multiple uses.