[SOLVED] How To Stop Dogs Chewing Wood.

Your furniture is an expensive investment. On average UK household's spend £17,042 on home furnishings every 10 years, more if they are moving house in that time. Wood furniture is especially susceptible, Therefore, it is important to prevent your dog from chewing it up, leaving unsightly marks, or destroying it all together.

If you want to protect your wooden items like dining tables, skirting boards and cupboards, an anti chew spray will deter your dog from chewing.

This immediately effective deterrent, will ensure your whole house is protected from your dogs chewing. 

 Introducing Dog Off! Anti Chew Spray (250 ml)

If your Dog or Puppy likes to take a nibble out of everything they see, then Dog OFF Anti Chew will help prevent this behaviour.

This super effective formula contains Bitrex, officially recognised by the Guinness Book of Records as the "bitterest stuff on earth".

A few sprays of Dog OFF on problem areas and surfaces, will act as a safe and effective deterrent to remind your pet not to nibble where they shouldn't.

Dog Off Is Featured In The 2017 Edition Of Kennel Club Dog Owners Handbook and K9 Magazine 

"New Puppy Or Stubborn Dog? - This safe and extremely effective formula will deter your pets from furniture, plants, electrical cords, wiring, flooring, drapes, shoes, clothing and all other miscellaneous items inside and outside the home."


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It will be the best investment you can make to protect your houeshold items.