Why does my dog have tear stains under his/her eyes?

Many dog breeds can sometimes be prone to a condition called Epiphora. This condition is evident where excessive tear production occurs or the tear drainage of the eye is constricted. Some breeds can be prone to both of these scenarios. Most dogs are very lively and, with their eyes being closer to the ground than their human counterparts, they are more likely to get dust and grit in their eyes as they are walked up the street or when racing around in the park. Their eyes can quickly become irritated and tears are the natural product of the body, intended to flush out the irritant.

Which dog breeds are more likely to need dog tear stain remover?

There are both long and short snout dog breeds that can be prone to tear staining. Poodles, Spaniels, Pekingese and Maltese breeds can all develop tear stains. Tear staining can look unsightly on dogs with white fur as, over time, the pigment in the tears can cause pink fur staining under the eyes. The pigment is called porphyrin and is present in very small amounts in the tear, which would appear to be as clear as water to the casual observer. It is the accumulation of crusting, dried tears on the fur that causes the staining.

Pooch natural dog tear stain remover

Is dog tear staining purely a cosmetic problem?

Definitely not. Where tears are overproduced in your dog’s eyes the skin around the eyes can become irritated and sore. Your dog may try to rub his or her eyes however they can, which ends up introducing more contaminants, making the eyes a breeding ground for various harmful bacteria and types of yeast. This can lead to painful eye infections for your pet.

Normally tears find their way out of the eye through the nasolacrimal duct which leads to the nose. That’s why your nose runs if you cry! If this duct is restricted due to a physical blockage or swelling brought on by rhinitis or sinusitis, or if the eye is irritated and is producing a lot of tears, then tears can overflow down your dog’s face.

Do I need to consult a vet if my dog has a tear staining problem?

If you are concerned about your dog’s eyes and he or she seems to having problems with red itchy eyes which are constantly weeping, then it would be wise to make an appointment with your vet or a veterinary ophthalmologist. They may be suffering from conjunctivitis or uveitis, both can be nasty conditions if left unchecked.

Most dogs that are prone to this condition will only have occasionally weepy eyes that don’t cause any real problems for the dog as long as their eyes are cleaned regularly using a dog tear stain remover.

Why should I use a natural dog tear stain remover in particular?

Many people look for products to use on their own faces or hair that has been made from naturally derived ingredients. We’re all looking for something that will fulfil its function but will be especially kind to our bodies and also the environment. Wherever we look there are lists of synthetic chemicals that should be avoided as many have been linked to serious health conditions.

Pro Pooch natural dog tear stain remover has been specially formulated by our expert team of chemists. This will ensure that it performs its intended function of gently cleaning the area around your dog’s eyes and removing any dried, crusty tear residue and tear staining from the fur around the eyes. The natural ingredients used prevent any exacerbation of existing conditions that are potentially present but have not yet become obvious. If your dog has sensitive eyes then our gentle but effective product won’t cause irritation and further excessive tearing.

What is the best approach when using dog tear stain remover?

If your dog breed is particularly hairy and needs frequent clipping then ensure that the fur around your dog’s eyes is kept neatly trimmed to avoid the transference of any debris caught in the fur, to the eye.

This is probably not going to be a particularly easy job. Dogs do not like having anything close to their eyes and their natural reaction is to pull away, so your best bet is to be as gentle and as patient as possible!  

Try to adhere to the following procedure when using the tear stain remover:

  • Wash your hands before cleaning your dog’s eyes
  • Apply a small amount of the Pro Pooch dog tear stain remover to a clean cotton pad
  • Wipe carefully, away from the eye. Avoid wiping towards the eye as you may accidentally transfer debris to the eye
  • If, at this stage, your dog is becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the cleaning then try again later
  • Repeat the wiping process to remove build up and crusting and bring your pet’s eyes back to their sparkly best
  • Use regularly and consistently to prevent staining from re-occurring and to help keep your dog’s eyes healthy and problem free

Pro Pooch dog tear stain remover has a gentle formula which won’t irritate your dog’s eyes if a little accidentally gets in there whilst cleaning. Dogs can get fidgety during this job but rest assured that your dog is safe and is benefiting from the finest ingredients that nature has to offer when you’re using Pro Pooch natural dog health products.

Our Tear Stain Remover contains a naturally derived plant based formula which will help remove tear stains before they dry and stain the fur.

This video will show you how to safely and effectively remove your dogs tear stains in a flash!